Social Media Research and Analytics

When using social media for business purposes, you can’t leave anything to chance, and all your moves should be planned based on relevant and up-to-date data and information (not your guesses, sorry!). Saurus’s professional social media research and analytics services will show you how to harness the potential of these platforms to improve interactions with your customers, strengthen your brand’s online presence, and achieve your business goals. At Saurus, our social media research and analytics experts provide you with detailed insights and a wealth of critical information to evaluate brand-audience relationships, strengthen relationships with your ideal customers, and stay abreast of market changes. They research, monitor, and analyze your industry’s social media scene in general and your profiles and pages in particular by tracking brand sentiment, analyzing how your business compares to the competition, and identifying new customers by monitoring industry conversations (yes, we’re very good at eavesdropping!).

Social Media Research and Analytics Services

Social media has reached new heights in recent years, so we can’t underestimate its power as a means of data collection for businesses. However, given the enormous amount of social media activity, it can be difficult for business owners (with untrained eyes and minds!) to gain meaningful insights from their social media profiles unless they enlist the help of professional social media analytics and analytics services offered by a reputable digital marketing company (none other than Saurus, of course!).

At Saurus, we firmly believe that in today’s age of social media, no medium can compete with these platforms when it comes to gaining valuable consumer market insights. We also know that social media has become a noisy place in recent years. But despite the background noise, there are valuable insights that companies can use to gain more information to inform their strategic business decisions.

That’s why at Saurus, we’ve assembled a team of highly skilled and experienced social media analysts and researchers to collect, measure, and analyze your social media data to help you gain actionable insights that will help you achieve your business goals (and outperform the competition!). The experts on our social media research and analytics team thoroughly analyze key metrics of your social media presence, such as followers, engagement, reach, clicks, and conversions (unfortunately, your personal direct messages don’t count!). This way, we can help you remove and identify obstacles that are impacting the performance of your social media campaign and create opportunities for growth.

What Are Social Media Research and Analytics Services?

The advent of social media platforms has given businesses greater opportunities to connect with their customers and spread their brand messages, which has opened up new avenues for growth and success. On the other hand, social media users are constantly sharing their opinions and experiences with companies and brands in comments or direct messages. At Saurus, we monitor and analyze these communications, giving you unparalleled insight into what your customers need and want so you can adjust your business strategies accordingly.

Our professional social media research and analytics services include, as the name suggests, a quantitative approach to collecting data from social media platforms and filtering, measuring, and analyzing this vast amount of data to give you a deeper understanding of your target audience and their preferences.

Saurus’s experienced social media researchers and analysts use a data-driven approach and sophisticated algorithmic technologies such as data analytics and data mining to gather and deliver valuable insights that enable you to tailor your marketing efforts to engage your audience on a more personal level (try not to get too personal, of course!). With their extensive knowledge and industry experience, they will help you improve your brand’s overall social standing and customer experience across all social channels, achieve your goals, and thrive in the digital landscape.

What Are the Benefits of Using Social Media Research and Analytics?

Whether it’s understanding customer needs or identifying upcoming trends, social media has become a valuable source of information for anyone looking to stay ahead of the market. Where else can you find people voluntarily sharing their thoughts and opinions about their needs and wants, as well as specific products and brands? However, collecting and analyzing social media data is not a simple and straightforward task that everyone is capable of doing (including you, dear client!). That’s why at Saurus, we have professional social media analysts on our team who can handle this specialized task perfectly and who know how to conduct social media research and analytics objectively and professionally. We’ve also seen firsthand how social media research and analytics can help businesses, and we can sum it up in the following ways:

  • They give you a vast sea of valuable customer insights.

Social media analytics can help you learn more about your customers’ likes, dislikes, and interactions with your brand. The data you collect will help you better serve your customers by catering to their specific wants and needs. You can also find out which strategies and communications are most effective by tracking online discussions about your brand. With this data, you can offer more personalized services and develop more effective marketing strategies.

  • They help you discover upcoming trends in your industry.

Data collected through social media research and analytics can be used to show industry trends or monitor customer buying behavior, both of which can be very useful for spotting new, unnoticed trends. At Saurus, we analyze the likes, shares, and purchases of your social media followers to find out what your target audience is most interested in.

  • They help you analyze your competition and outperform them.

You’ll learn what your competitors are doing successfully and where there may be gaps in the market by listening to customer feedback on competing brands and services. You can also get ahead of the competition by examining their social media profiles, messaging, and strategy. Moreover, by comparing your media share to the competition, you can easily determine where you excel and where you need to improve.

  • They help you improve your customer service.

Social media users are quick to share opinions, both positive and negative, about their experiences with businesses. By analyzing your social media for unfavorable comments and common patterns, you can find out exactly where your business is failing and get to the root of your most pressing problems. When you hire Saurus to do your social media research and analytics, we’ll comb through all the comments and messages about your business so we can provide you with actionable data on opportunities for improvement.

  • They help you develop your social media content strategy.

By analyzing your social media activities, you can figure out which types of content work better than others and which customers respond best to and adjust your approach accordingly. With these insights, you can create engaging content that grabs users’ attention and encourages them to take the actions you want them to take. By finding out what interests your audience, you can also create content that piques their interest and encourages them to interact with your business and (hopefully!) become paying customers.

When it comes to leveraging social media for your business, you can’t afford to act on your hunches and get going. Instead, you need to make informed decisions based on reliable, up-to-date data you’ve gathered through extensive research and analysis. However, as you and your team have more pressing business-related tasks to attend to, Saurus’s professional social media research and analytics services can be your salvation in this competitive and ever-evolving social media landscape.

So, if you’re launching a social media campaign and want to set and measure effective KPIs, or if you’re already on track with your campaign but don’t know if you’re getting the results you want, call Saurus right now so we can send our social media researchers and analysts to your rescue!


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