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Your website’s sitemap (the one that is created before the website is designed, we mean) is like the blueprint of a building and is created before you (or hopefully our web developers at Saurus!) start building your actual website. Just as the blueprint shows how many floors and rooms there will be in a building, the sitemap shows the number of pages on your site and the hierarchical relationships between them. When you use Saurus’s professional sitemap design services, you can be sure that your website is structured in the best possible way and that you, your webmaster, and your visitors will easily find your way around it. We design sitemaps that help your target audience to find what they’re looking for in the shortest possible time and with the fewest possible clicks.

Sitemap Design Services

A site map can be compared to a blueprint that defines the structure of a website to be designed and developed. Without having a well-thought-out and carefully designed sitemap, you run the risk of giving your visitors a poor and unpleasant user experience. That’s why it’s best if you use professional sitemap design services (from Saurus, of course!) to help you create a website that has a solid foundation from the start; because if you determine the structure of your website early on, you’ll save yourself the time it takes to redesign and recode it later (we don’t speak from experience, but still!).

At Saurus, we believe that a cohesive and professional sitemap plays an important role in the ultimate goal of a website, which is usually to increase conversion rates (and money flowing into your pockets!). You probably know that visitors are unlikely to stay on your website if they have to search for a long time to find what they’re looking for. That’s why it’s important to focus on a user-friendly sitemap design for your website if you want to convert casual visitors into paying customers. Search engine optimization is another important reason why your website needs a sitemap because it helps search engine bots find their way around your website more easily.

Knowing how important a sitemap can be to the success of your website, we have assembled a team of highly competent and experienced web developers, web designers, and SEO experts who work hand in hand to provide you with professional and top-notch sitemap design services. Our sitemap design experts know how to create a data-driven, seamless sitemap for your website so that your visitors and search engines can find their way around your website right away (and visit the bait landing page you prepared!).

What Are Sitemap Design Services at Saurus?

When you hire Saurus to create your sitemap, you can be sure that you’ll get a seamless sitemap that will allow search engine bots, your visitors, webmasters, and even yourself to easily navigate through your website and find what you’re looking for in just a few clicks (and crawls, for the bots!). Our sitemap design services include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Visual Sitemaps
  • HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemaps can easily be defined as tables of contents designed with users in mind to improve their experience on your website.

  • XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps are created with search engine bots and crawlers in mind, helping them navigate and crawl your website more efficiently. XML sitemaps can be divided into the following categories:

  • Sitemaps Index
  • Page Sitemaps
  • Image Sitemaps
  • Video Sitemaps

What Is Sitemap Design?

Sitemap design is the process of creating an efficient and organized sitemap for a website before the website is actually designed and developed. Sitemaps are an easily accessible but invaluable tool for any type of website, as they show the hierarchy and connection between pages on a website. They also show the natural progression of visitors from the first page they landed on to the next during the buying cycle and customer’s journey.

Going back to the blueprint story: Just as blueprints show the number of rooms and floors of buildings and how and where they are built, sitemaps show the title, number, and hierarchical relationships of pages on a website (sorry, no bathrooms included here!). And just as blueprints are created before the construction of a building begins, sitemaps are created before a website is actually built.

The sitemaps we design at Saurus help you define the core structure and hierarchy of your website so you can avoid frustrating user experiences, improve user flow on your site, and reach your conversion goals faster than you ever imagined.

Are Sitemaps Still Necessary?

There is a myth circulating that HTML sitemaps are a thing of the past and no longer necessary. However, if you put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors, you would see that nothing puts them more at ease than knowing that there is a sitemap on every website they visit, guiding them to every nook and cranny of all the complicated and large websites. In general, websites that use an HTML sitemap are much easier to navigate and provide a better overall experience for visitors, especially first-time visitors who can potentially become paying customers, which increases the likelihood of a better ranking in the SERPs; because when search engines like Google rank your website, they also take into account how good the user experience is.

Although ranking well in search engines is very important for your website, the benefits of the sitemaps we design at Saurus are not limited to just improving search engine optimization but also include the following:

  • It helps you organize your ideas for your website: You may have many ideas for your website before it is actually designed and developed. Having a site map at the beginning helps you organize those ideas and determine the structure of your website early on.
  • It saves time for everyone: If your site is not well structured, it can be confusing for everyone who works on and visits it. Sitemaps are a quick and easy way to show web developers, web designers, and visitors the structure and hierarchy of your website, making it user and developer friendly.
  • It’s a great way to get your new business off the ground: Sitemaps improve search engine rankings, which means customers will find you faster, and you’ll gain customers and a foothold in the market much faster than your competitors.
  • It helps with internal link building: If you create a sitemap and outline the structure of your website in it, you can use it later for internal link building, and you don’t have to worry about duplicate content and cannibalization issues because everything is described in the sitemap.

As you can see, sitemaps are an underrated but effective tool that you can use to improve your user experience, SEO ranking, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and, ultimately, your sales and profits. So don’t take this great, practical, and affordable tool lightly, and call Saurus right now so we can put you in the good hands of our sitemap designers even before your website is developed and designed. If you don’t use Saurus’s professional sitemap design services or, even worse, turn to our amateur competitors, your website will be a cluttered mess of poorly structured elements that will make your visitors and potential customers get lost and leave your site immediately – and you don’t want that, right?!

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