Website Migration

Website migration is a sensitive and sometimes complicated process that can carry unseen risks if not done by professionals. But if you delegate this task to our experienced webmasters and web developers at Saurus, you can be sure that your valuable website data will be safe and won’t be lost during the process. Moreover, we guarantee you that your previous SEO measures won’t lose their effect when you use our website migration services (fingers crossed!). Our website migration team at Saurus is made up of dedicated and attentive experts who work tirelessly to migrate your website using the least risky method possible and preserve all the features of your old website that you’d prefer to keep.

Website Migration Services

Website migration is a process that allows you to switch from one host to another, change your website’s domain name, or change the content management systems (and everything in between!).

Many businesses start with a cheap hosting provider or a simple CMS to keep costs down at the beginning, but it’s quite possible that these features will quickly become inadequate as the business grows and traffic increases; quite often, these inadequacies and requirements lead companies to seek professional website migration services along the way (which, of course, are only offered by Saurus!). However, migrating a website is a delicate task that should only be performed by trained experts due to the complexity and potential risks of the process.

The migration process can have far-reaching effects on many aspects of your website, including database structure and search engine optimization. But when you use Saurus’s website migration services, we strive to eliminate all possible risks and save you money, time, and other resources that could potentially be lost during the process (especially if you leave it to our unprofessional competitors!)

At Saurus, we’ve made it our mission to do everything we can to ensure that your website migration goes smoothly and that any customizations you want to keep from your previous website aren’t lost in the process. We also believe that all digital marketing and website activities should be aligned. That’s why our website migration team consists of dedicated and experienced web developers, SEO specialists, digital marketing specialists, paid advertising specialists, and webmasters who work hand-in-hand to make sure your website migration is successful and intact.

What Are the Website Migration Services at Saurus?

Generally, migration takes place whenever there are major changes to a website. In some cases, experts suggest a type of website migration called “hybrid,” where several independent changes take place simultaneously. When it comes to any type of migration, especially complicated hybrid website migrations, you can rest easy knowing that the experienced team at Saurus is by your side with their professional website migration services (tested and confirmed by your main competitors!), which include:

  • Web Hosting Migration
  • Domain Name Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • SEO Migration
  • Website Protocol Migration
  • Website Design Migration
  • Google Analytics Migration

Does Website Migration Affect SEO?

Migrating a website (especially if done unprofessionally and by our competitors!), like any other major change you make to your website, can wipe out all your previous SEO efforts. But the professionals in this field have not lost heart and left the future of your website to fate, but have developed a practical and highly successful solution: SEO migration.

At Saurus, we have qualified and experienced SEO specialists in our SEO migration team who do everything in their power to eliminate all SEO risks of the process, and when your website is live again, they double-check if all links are working and all SEO guidelines have been followed.

What Is the Purpose of Website Migration?

There are a variety of reasons why a website may need to be migrated. For example, you may be migrating your site to increase its security by switching to HTTPS, moving it to a different server or domain, updating its design, or making it more mobile-friendly (and at Saurus, we do all of that and more!). All in all, there are several reasons for a website migration, including changes to the following elements:

  • Host: You want to change your web host for reasons like poor service, high prices, insufficient bandwidth, business growth, or other reasons.
  • Domain name: You want to change the main domain of your website to another domain that you have recently purchased or chosen for your brand or business; this is usually done as part of a rebranding.
  • Top-Level Domain: You want to change your domain suffix, also called a TLD, from one thing to another.
  • Subdomain: You want to move your website from the main domain to a subdomain or vice versa.
  • Content: You want to transfer the content of your old website to the new one.
  • CMS: You want to change the content management system (CMS) of your website and move your website from the existing CMS to another one.
  • Protocol: You’ve obtained an SSL certificate and want to change your website’s protocol from HTTP to HTTPS to increase security.
  • Structure: You need to change the structure of your website and, therefore, of course, the URLs; this is usually done due to the new requirements of your business and to adapt to the growth of your company.
  • Design: you want to change your UI / UX or some design elements. This can vary from minor changes to the layout and design of the website or a complete redesign with new features, updated code, and written content.

Whatever your purpose in migrating your website, you should know that it is a big task that needs to be approached properly. Migrating a website can be stressful for a number of reasons, such as the extensive preparations involved and the potential risks to your search engine optimization and important data. With Saurus’s professional website migration services, you can alleviate the stress of implementing major changes to your website.

When you leave your website migration project to Saurus, we will make sure that your website is migrated professionally and without downtime, data loss, or other major disruptions. We also have a large number of experienced web developers on our team who are familiar with a variety of software systems and content management systems. This means that no matter what your particular configuration looks like, we can help. So if you’re thinking about migrating your website, for whatever reason, the best thing you can do is call Saurus as soon as you find a phone that works! Be aware that not using our website migration services and instead leaving the fate of your beloved website to our amateur competitors will be the biggest mistake of your career!


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