Domain Management

Domains are, so to speak, the online address of your business headquarters in the digital world, and just as you do everything in your hands to professionally manage and protect your physical office, you should do the same for your domains (unless you’re a chaotic business owner!). With Saurus’s professional domain management services, you can rest assured that all tasks related to your domains - from domain registration and portfolio management to domain recovery and security services - are handled by professionals who care about the security of your domains above all else (well, not above all else, but still!). Our domain management experts at Saurus know exactly how important domains are to your business (and your wallet!). That’s why they do everything they can to manage and protect your domains so they’re always secure and functional, and no cybercriminal can infiltrate or hijack them.

Domain Management Services

Choosing and registering the perfect domain name – the equivalent of your physical office, but in the digital world – is critical to building your brand’s online persona. But if you really want to maintain your online presence and grow your business, it’s not enough to just register a domain under your company name. Just as you would take every precaution to ensure the security of your workplace, you need to do the same for your business domain (unless you’re a born careless business owner!) However, since you and your team probably don’t have enough time (or expertise, if you don’t mind!) for this important task, your best bet is to use professional domain management services (offered exclusively by Saurus, of course!) to ensure the utmost security and optimal performance of your domains.

At Saurus, we believe that your domain is the cornerstone of your online business and an invaluable asset to your company and brand. Therefore, all domains should be constantly maintained and managed to keep them secure, functional, and up-to-date. However, domain portfolio management is a time-consuming and complex process that should be handled by experienced professionals who have the ability to manage and monitor all your domains with a high level of proficiency. That’s why at Saurus, we’ve assembled a team of skilled domain management experts who understand the importance of domains to your business and work hard to effectively manage and protect them from cybercriminal intrusion.

Whether you’re a small business with a single domain or a multinational company with many domains, when you leave the management of your domains to Saurus, you can rest assured that they will be managed by experts who place great emphasis on domain security and are familiar with all domain-related tasks, from domain registration, recovery, and transfer to portfolio consolidation and security policies.

What Do We Mean by Domain Management?

By domain management, we mean ensuring that a domain or set of domains owned by an individual or business remains functional and secure so that they can be linked to their owner’s websites. Both personal and business domains need to be properly managed because domain names not only identify their owner’s online presence but can also direct visitors to specific websites created for their specific needs. Although it is quite normal for webmasters to take care of the essentials, namely the operation of the website itself, sometimes they forget about domain management. At Saurus, we have recognized this problem, and that is why we offer highly reliable domain management services that will free you and your webmaster from having to take care of your domains. This way, you can invest your valuable time in tasks that only you can handle (or in video games, comedies, soap operas, and so on!)

What Is the Function of Domain Management?

Your domain name is largely synonymous with your brand (sounds like a cliché, but it is!), and poor and unprofessional domain management is synonymous with the failure of your business. Domain hijacking, impersonation of a corporate identity, DNS downtime, phishing, cybersquatting, domain theft, and missed renewals are just some of the problems that can arise from poorly managed domains. Domain management helps you avoid these problems while getting the best performance out of your domains.

When you use Saurus’s professional domain management services, you know that your domain portfolio is in the hands of experienced and competent experts who know the domain business like the back of their hand and can handle all domain-related tasks, including:

  • Domain assessment
  • Domain consulting
  • Domain strategy
  • Domain lock
  • Domain registration
  • Domain acquisition
  • Domain transfer
  • Domain portfolio consolidation and management
  • DNS solutions
  • SSL certificates
  • Domain recovery
  • Domain renewals
  • Brand TLDs management
  • Domain security
  • Whois management

What Are the Advantages of Domain Management?

 Your domain, your business! We can’t even begin to tell you how important it is to manage your domains professionally or to use the services of experts (just the ones at Saurus, of course!). Since we have already mentioned some of the risks of poorly managed domains, we will be more optimistic here and talk about the benefits of domain management services, which would be:

  • Domain management will keep the cybercriminals at bay.

Unfortunately, the number of cybercriminals, and therefore the number of website hijackings, is increasing at an alarming rate year after year. If you don’t want to become a victim and pay ransom to these people, it’s best to follow the old adage and take precautions before you need a cure. When you use the professional services of Saurus, you can be sure of your domain’s security, which is the most important benefit of domain management.

  • It leads to more accountability.

In many companies, domains may be registered individually by different departments, and the IT department is only responsible for monitoring the registered domains. However, since there is no single, coherent domain policy, no one can be held responsible for domain management. On the other hand, when you leave the management of your domains to the professionals at Saurus, domain registration, acquisition, and all other related tasks will be handled by a single team, and every step of the process will be documented, resulting in more accountability.

  • It lets you keep ALL of your domains for as long as you wish.

As your business grows over time, the number of your domain names can grow with it. If you don’t have your domain portfolio managed by a professional, it’s quite possible that you or your employees will forget to renew all your domains in time and therefore lose one or more. The domain management team at Saurus uses advanced automated software to keep track of all your domains so that none of them expire before you want them to.

  • It lets you monitor your domains and MORE.

Professional domain managers offer domain monitoring services that can be useful in preventing hijacking and cybersquatting. However, you can also use this service to monitor your favorite domains, and if one of them is deleted, you will have the opportunity to register it for yourself.

As we’ve mentioned several times, poor or proper management of your domains can make or break your business. So if you really care about the fate of your business in the digital world, you should use the professional domain management services of Saurus (and no other!). When you entrust your domains to our team of experts, you can be sure that your interests will be protected at all costs and by all means because we hire only the most dedicated and responsible professionals in our team and suggest that you do the same by hiring Saurus!

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