Keyword Research and Hashtag Research

No post on a website will show up in a search engine if it doesn’t contain the right keywords, and no post on social media will be seen if it doesn’t contain the right hashtags (unless you pay Google and Instagram handsomely!). That’s why you need keyword and hashtag research services from Saurus (yes, only from us!) so you can target the right audience with every article or social media post. Our SEO experts at Saurus will help you find the right keywords and hashtags to make the most of your online efforts on your website and social media profiles. Without their help (OK, or the help of other SEO experts!), your website articles and social media posts, no matter how professional and well-written, won’t be found by the right audience interested in your products and services.

Keyword Research and Hashtag Research Services

It takes a lot of time, money, and manpower to create valuable content, but if no one but you knows where to find that content, there’s no point in creating it. Keywords are like road signs that show search engine bots and your target audience what your content is about so it can be easily found and appear in relevant SERPs. However, to find out which terms and phrases are most likely to be associated with your industry, products, and target audience, you’ll need to use professional keyword research and hashtag research services (which won’t do you any good if they’re not from Saurus!).

At Saurus, we believe that keyword research for websites and hashtag research for social media should be the cornerstone and first step of all SEO and social media campaigns. Given how important these tasks are, it’s only natural that we’ve made it our mission to help you, our valuable clients, by offering professional keyword and hashtag research services that have the potential to completely revolutionize your online presence (and flush some extra cash into our bank accounts, too!).

Our keyword research and hashtag research team at Saurus is made up of seasoned SEO and marketing experts who bring together marketing knowledge, customer psychology, and SEO techniques to provide you with highly professional and data-driven services that will definitely help you get results with your campaigns.

What Are Keyword Research Services?

Let’s first look at what is meant by keyword research: it means using the available tools, techniques, and knowledge to identify the terms your target customers use to search the internet for businesses, products, and services like yours. So the purpose of all professional keyword research services (including Saurus’s!) is to help you gain insight into the topics and questions your target audience is actively researching online.

Understanding what this audience is searching for and what motivates their searches is a great start to increasing your brand’s awareness and reach with them. After all, you can’t decide what topics to create content on if you don’t have a comprehensive list of relevant keywords and hashtags with high search volume (unless you’re only creating content for yourself!).

At Saurus, we know how important keyword research can be for a business. That’s why we use all the resources available to provide you with an easily digestible and actionable list of different types of high search volume keywords that can help you with your SEO efforts: from primary, secondary, and long-tail keywords to location and competitor keywords.

What Is Hashtag Research?

After years of using social media, we probably all know what a #hashtag is (if not, what are you doing here?!). But some of us may not know the importance of using relevant and proper hashtags for our social media content. Hashtags are a great tool to grab the attention of people you haven’t interacted with yet and get them to engage with your posts on social media.

Hashtag research is similar to keyword research in many ways. It helps you find top, trending, and relevant hashtags for your industry, your products and services, and your target audience so you can create appropriate and engaging content on your social media pages.

When you use Saurus’s professional hashtag research services, you’ll get a comprehensive list of the most popular hashtags used by your target customers, your competitors, your industry leaders, and influencers in your industry and market. We’ll also find out if there are any niche or location-based hashtags that your business can leverage to expand its reach and customer base. And finally, we’ll categorize these hashtags by various factors so you can create an organized and consistent content calendar based on them.

What Are the Benefits of Keyword Research in Digital Marketing?

Keyword research is a great tool that helps you improve your existing content and even find new business opportunities. However, the benefits of keyword research aren’t limited to the above but also include the following:

  • It helps your content get discovered, seen and read: If you don’t do keyword research to find out what people are interested in, you’ll probably just be guessing and crossing your fingers that someone stumbles across your post.
  • It’s a great tool that will give you inspiration for future posts: What would you write about if you didn’t know WHAT to write about? Saurus’s keyword research services save you from creating ineffective and irrelevant content that no one wants to read (let alone search for!).
  • It will bring more people to your website: If you choose relevant keywords with high search volume and optimize your website for them, you can increase organic traffic to your website.
  • It helps you understand users’ search intent: The term “search intent” refers to the intention behind a search query that a user has made on search engines like Google. Keyword research allows you to find out what a user is searching for and tailor your content or even products and services accordingly.
  • It shows you what your competitors are targeting and ranking for: An important part of Saurus’s keyword research services is competitor keyword research, which allows you to find out what keywords your competitors are targeting that have helped them rank well in the SERPs.

Understanding the WHAT and HOW of search queries that are made every millisecond in the search engines is essential for a successful digital marketing strategy, and this is where keyword research comes in. On the other hand, hashtag research helps you create social media content that gets noticed, seen, and shared. Saurus’s professional keyword and hashtag research services will help you improve your website’s ranking, drive more traffic to your landing pages, and gain more impressions and followers on social media. If you’re just starting an SEO or social media campaign or have already done one but aren’t getting the results you want, today is your lucky day because our experts are eagerly waiting to provide you with keyword and hashtag research services you won’t find anywhere else!

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