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in the event of an incident, be it a hacker attack, human error, or server failure, commercial businesses, and especially online retailers, must have a backup and recovery plan for their website that can be implemented ASAP. Although several automated website backup services have hit the market in recent years, no machine can do the job as accurately and dedicatedly as a professional human expert (we mean only the experts who work at Saurus!). This is where Saurus’s website backup services come in, saving you from long downtimes that can lead to the loss of your website visitors (i.e., your leads and potential customers). They’ll help you back up your website’s data, monitor its functionality on a regular basis, and restore it in case (God forbid!) an unpleasant incident occurs.

Website Backup Services

Fire! Flood! Earthquake! Just as these disasters happen in the real world, there is always the possibility of unforeseen disasters in the digital realm. And just as you (as a responsible business owner!) are prepared to take all necessary and possible protective measures to protect your office from the above disasters, you should do the same for your website, which is your online office and the heart of your business’sbusiness’ online presence. Professional website backup services (of which Saurus offers the best!) are the ultimate solution to ensure that in the event of an unpredicted failure of your website (God forbid!), you have an up-to-date backup to bring it back online immediately.

At Saurus, we know how important a website is to a business, especially e-commerce businesses that can lose major revenue with every minute of downtime. That’s why we recommend that all of your clients (especially professionals like you!) keep an emergency backup on hand to protect their business in case their website crashes, gets hacked, or experiences other issues that would cause the website to go down.

Knowing that backing up a website is not a trivial task that you can leave to anyone who claims to be able to do it (i.e., our competitors!), we at Saurus have assembled a professional website backup team consisting of experienced and tech-savvy web developers who are happy to protect and save your valuable website from all kinds of disasters. Our precise and dedicated website backup experts know everything about backup tasks and will help you to backup, monitor, and restore your website at any time.

What Does it Mean to Backup a Website?

A backup is a copy of all your website’s data, made on a regular basis, so that you can restore it in case of any unpleasant event without losing even a minute. This way, even in the worst-case scenario, you won’t have to suffer the consequences, and you’ll be able to quickly get back to normal. The biggest advantage of Saurus website backup services is the security they offer you in the face of common risks in the modern digital world. For instance, up-to-date backups can protect you from ransomware infections because you won’t give in to attackers so easily if you can restore your website intact.

Even if you think your security measures are so well thought out and carefully planned, hackers and even innocent mistakes can compromise your website at any time. You’ve put countless hours and a lot of money into building your business, and you’ve done the same for your website. Just as you would never ignore the tasks that are necessary to maintain and grow your business and don’t want to jeopardize the fate of your company through poor management, you should do the same for your website by using Saurus’s professional backup services.

What Are the Website Backup Services at Saurus?

Even though some business owners (not you, dear client!) underestimate the importance of a website backup, it has the potential to save them from losing their website and data (and even their entire business!), which could force them to either rebuild their business from scratch or forget about it forever. At Saurus, we believe that backups are the ultimate rescue plan for all businesses operating in the digital world, no matter how big or small they’re, and we offer them professional website backup services, including the following

  • Offsite/Cloud Backups

Offsite backups are one of the oldest backup solutions. In this type of website backup, all data is copied to several different servers in different locations or to the cloud. So, if something happens to the main server, your data is safe, and you can restore it instantly. The professionals at Saurus offer you a seamless offsite backup service that will put your mind at ease and help you get rid of all worries about your website.

  • Onsite/local/traditional/physical backups

Onsite or local backup involves making copies of your data on media such as hard drives, flash drives, DVDs, etc., and keeping them at the physical location of your business. Onsite backups are invaluable when it comes to protecting data from potential threats, as they help you quickly get back to business as usual in the event of a crisis.

Why is a Website Backup Important?

Since you’ve landed on Saurus’s backup services page, you probably know how important website backup is to your business. But just to make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s go over the reasons why you should use a professional website backup service:

  • It can protect you from malicious cyberattacks that can lead to unpleasant events, such as attackers exploiting your company’s reputation and committing fraud on your behalf.
  • It can protect your website and data from inevitable human errors, which are by no means uncommon and can lead to irreversible consequences that make your business look unprofessional and untrustworthy.
  • It’s useful for making sure your data is protected from things like hardware failures or natural disasters that lead to data loss, long downtimes, and loss of traffic and revenue.
  • It helps you avoid problems that can occur during a website update when things don’t go as planned, and your website doesn’t work or even goes down.
  • It gives you a contingency plan so you don’t have to give in to hackers who try to demand ransom from you by sending ransomware to your website.

Having a website backup is like having a safety net under your feet. It lets you jump higher with your business website without worrying about landing on the hard ground. Now that you know how important it’s to use professional website backup services, you should stop wasting precious time and call Saurus right now; because you’ll not know what terrible risks can threaten your website at any moment!


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