Interviews are a great tool you can use to introduce yourself and your business to your customers. You can also use it to get to know your target audience, leads, and potential and current customers, depending on the position of the interviewer and the interviewee. When you use Saurus’s professional interviewing services, you can get the most out of an interview by appealing to the communication and interpersonal skills of our interviewers. At Saurus, our interviewing team is made up of friendly, articulate, personable, and experienced interviewers who know how to talk to interviewees so that they feel confident, comfortable, and ready to speak their minds. In this way, their interviews become engaging and friendly works of art that are embraced by a wide audience.

Interviewing Services

Interviews are a common means of gathering information about pre-selected individuals on specific topics. They’re usually used in scientific research, market research, marketing campaigns, or at HR. You can also use professionally conducted interviews to learn more about your target market and your current and potential customers (or even your competitors if you’re smart enough to work with Saurus!).

At Saurus, we know that conducting an interview requires sufficient experience and special communication skills and isn’t a job for everyone (certainly not for newbies who want to compete with us!). That is why we use our best and most competent experts for this task, who have a wide range of communication and interpersonal skills necessary for a professional and successful interview.

We provide professional interviewing services that help our clients gain insight into their current market and discover new ways to expand their customer base. Since the success of any business ultimately rests on the shoulders of its customers, our services are applicable to many industries, and we’re open to working with any company that values customer feedback. In addition to the areas already mentioned, our services can be used for a variety of other purposes, including brand analysis, campaign evaluations, resource allocation, and product effectiveness reviews (but not to question your innocent competitors!).

What Are the Common Types of Interviews at Saurus?

At Saurus, we have a dedicated interviewing team who are knowledgeable about the different types of interviews and are happy to offer you the following:

  • Phone Interview Services

Phone interviews seem like the easiest type of interview, but conducting these types of interviews requires a high level of conversational skills. At Saurus, we know how to call your clients or targets at the best moment and get them to have a candid conversation.

  • Video Interview Services

Video interviews are one of the most popular types of interviews because they allow interviewers to observe and interpret the interviewee’s body language while giving them more leeway to control their own.

  • Online Interview Services

Online interviewing is so popular these days because it allows the interviewer to transcend geographical boundaries and interview anyone anywhere in the world. Our trained interviewers can save you valuable time and money by connecting with interviewees and clients around the world using modern video conferencing technology or popular software and applications such as Skype.

  • Face-to-face Interview Services

Face-to-face interviews offer the opportunity to connect with potential customers on a more personal level. At Saurus, we have mastered the art of face-to-face interviewing and have made sure that our methods work for people with different backgrounds and characters.

  • In-studio Interview Services

If you want to interview your clients or colleagues in a professional setting, Saurus’s in-studio interviewing services are the best option.

  • Home/Office Interview Services

By meeting with your customers in the comfort of their homes or offices, we can show our versatility and genuine interest in their opinions about your business, research topic, or products and services.

What Makes a Good Interviewer?

At Saurus, we pride ourselves on having a team of interviewers who aren’t only good communicators but also know how to put respondents at ease during an interview. In this way, they transform their interviews into warm and inviting works of art that are appreciated by many.

When you hire us for our professional interviewing services, we’ll first listen to you carefully and read the project description; then, we’ll plan the interview based on the data you provide, and our team of experts will put it into action right away. If you want to know what the qualities of a good interviewer are (besides the fact that they MUST work at Saurus!), here’s what you should consider:

  • They should be familiar with the subject of the interview.

Good interviewers need to be familiar with the topic of the interview so they know what they’re talking about. Otherwise, they’ll not know what questions to ask interviewees or how to interpret their answers. At Saurus, we have experienced interviewers in different fields, and we make sure that we assign an interviewer with the most knowledge and expertise for your project.

  • They should be experienced and have proper training.

Contrary to what many believe, conducting a successful interview isn’t an easy task that everyone is capable of. At Saurus, our interviewers are specially trained, have sufficient experience, and are equipped with the appropriate skills to conduct a professional and meaningful interview that provides reliable results and measurable data.

  • They should be good communicators.

As you know, in a normal interview, one person asks a series of questions, and the other person answers them. In some interviews, the questions and answers are asked and answered by a large group of people. In both cases, interviews are based on conversation and communication between the interviewer and the interviewee. So good interviewers must have natural people skills, conversational skills, and communication skills.

  • They should have a warm and empathetic demeanor.

Kind and empathetic people can put themselves in another person’s shoes and empathize with what they’re going through. Good interviewers exhibit feelings of empathy for interviewers that calm their nerves so they can speak their minds and be honest about their stance on the interview topic.

  • They must be emotionally stable.

Interviewers must be able to remain objective and keep their temper under control. At Saurus, our professional interviewers have mastered the art of keeping their emotions under control under pressure. They can connect with the interviewee by observing their body language and the hidden messages they convey between the lines.

At Saurus, we do our best to simplify the process of conducting and analyzing even the most complex interviews. With our experienced interview designers and analysts, creating, conducting, and analyzing an interview becomes a breeze (a breeze for us, not for you, dear competitor!). So, if you need professional interviewing services and are looking for experienced and competent interviewers to conduct interviews of any kind for you, call Saurus now and forget about all those other agencies that are like empty barrels with the most noise!

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