Subtitling and Captioning

Subtitles and captions are a great way to maximize the audience of video content and increase the chance that their message will reach (and hopefully be embraced by!) a larger audience around the world. With Saurus’s professional subtitling and captioning services, you can ensure the quality of your video’s subtitles and captions, which could otherwise (rest assured!) be inaccurate and not convey your message in the best way possible. Saurus’s subtitling and captioning team consists of experienced translators and transcribers who know both the source and target languages well and are equipped with the latest subtitling technology and software to deliver high-quality, accurate subtitles and captions that convey your message in most live languages.

Subtitling and Captioning Services

In today’s digitized world, all people, regardless of where they are, what language they speak, or what physical disabilities they have, should have access to the vast sea of knowledge and information offered by online and offline media. In this regard, using professional subtitling and captioning services (which are only provided by Saurus, of course!) is a fantastic way to expand the global reach of your videos and ensure that your message reaches as many people as possible.

At Saurus, we firmly believe that no language or physical barriers should prevent your viewers from understanding your content. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide high-quality, premium subtitling and captioning services that ensure all viewers understand all the important details in your video (and even the unimportant ones, if you pay us enough!) By subtitling your videos in different languages, we make sure more people watch them and share them on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Saurus’s subtitling team is made up of professional and experienced transcribers, translators, and subtitlers who are proficient in both the source and target languages and can therefore provide you with well-written and precisely timed subtitles and captions that accurately reflect your content in your target audience’s native language (unless you want to reach the only person who speaks Taushiro in Peru!). Our professional subtitlers also use the latest subtitling software and technology to create subtitles that are accurately synchronized with your video, so your audience can better understand and appreciate your message.

What Are the Subtitling Services Offered by Saurus?

Our subtitling team at Saurus has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to create subtitles for any type of video, and our most popular services include:

  • Promotional videos subtitling
  • Explainer videos subtitling
  • Corporate videos subtitling
  • Social Media videos subtitling
  • Website videos subtitling
  • Documentary subtitling
  • Film and TV shows subtitling
  • Educational videos subtitling
  • Webinar subtitling

What Are Subtitles?

Subtitles are a useful tool for viewers who are watching a video in a foreign language they do not understand, helping them to understand the dialog and message of the video. Same-language subtitles can also be helpful for those who have difficulty hearing or understanding the dialog, even if it is in their native language. Subtitles convert the dialog into timed text that appears on the screen to help viewers understand what is being said in a video. As video has become the most engaging form of content in recent years, video subtitling and captioning services are being used in almost every sector and industry that creates video content for their audience.

At Saurus, when we create subtitles for your videos, we first study the topic of your video and familiarize ourselves with the correct terminology so that we can use the right spelling and translation. We also carefully adapt our language style to yours so that your audience doesn’t feel a gap in the content (unless you use swearing in your videos, in which case we have to leave it out of the subtitles!)

What Are the Benefits of Subtitling?

Although subtitles are most commonly used to translate dialog in foreign language videos, there are many other uses as well. If you’re not sure whether to use Saurus’s subtitling and captioning services for your videos, consider the following benefits:

  • Subtitles increase the reach and accessibility of your video.

When you add translated subtitles to your videos, you can reach a global audience and overcome language barriers. This way, you can expand the audience for your videos by making them more accessible and adding support for other languages. In addition, same-language subtitles allow deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers to enjoy your videos and understand your message as well. At Saurus, we have an experienced subtitling team that translates and subtitles your videos according to the needs of your target audience while maintaining the style of your voice-over or dialog.

  • They help your viewers stay focused.

Subtitles can enhance the viewing experience by helping viewers focus and think about the video’s message. This can be very helpful for people with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and similar conditions, as they can concentrate longer and better grasp the video’s message.

  • They allow viewers to watch your videos ANYWHERE.

If your videos include subtitles, people can watch them anywhere, even if they don’t have access to sound. When the speaker or narrator’s voice is muffled, as it might be on a busy sidewalk or crowded bus, the subtitles provide needed context. Videos with subtitles can also be watched in places where noise is not allowed, such as a library or hospital, without having to turn on the sound.

  • They help viewers better understand your content.

If your video includes technical terms, abbreviations, jargon, or specific names, subtitles can help viewers who aren’t familiar with your company or industry better understand what’s being said. The combination of auditory and visual cues that subtitles provide increases the likelihood that viewers will remember what they’ve seen, leading to stronger brand loyalty.

  • They help translate the video without losing its impact.

Compared to dubbing, subtitling is a much more effective yet less expensive way to translate the content of your video. When you use Saurus’s professional subtitling and captioning services, you can be sure that your video’s message will reach people all over the world without losing its vibe (unless all your dialogs are untranslatable puns!).

  • They help optimize your video’s ranking and overall SEO.

Subtitled videos perform better in SERPs and on video-sharing websites like YouTube. That’s because when you add subtitles to your videos, the crawlers and bots on those sites can read the text and get a better idea of what your video is about. With subtitles, it’s also much easier to find your videos. So if you use subtitles, not only will the search engines send more visitors to your site, but your visitors will appreciate how easy it is to find the videos they want to watch.

At Saurus, we know how effective subtitles can be in improving the viewing experience of your video and increasing its reach and accessibility. We also believe that subtitles are a useful tool that can improve the performance of any video, even the unprofessional video you created on your phone! So, if you’ve finally come to your senses and decided to use our professional subtitling and captioning services, don’t hesitate to call us ASAP! Otherwise, the video you invested so much time and money into will most likely become useless because no one will understand its message except you and your fellow citizens!

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