Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Jan 01, 1970

When large fortunes fall into the hands of some people, they become strong in the light of it, and in the shadow

What are the fundamentals of digital marketing?

The fundamentals of digital marketing are to have complete knowledge of business, techniques, and customers. There are various tips and strategies, but firstly you should completely know what is digital marketing, what is your company’s goals and what are the visions that you are following. Some define digital marketing based on the definition of marketing. They say that any activity that is done in marketing, if done with digital tools, is part of digital marketing.

For example, advertising or customer behavior analysis is part of marketing activities, so if these actions are carried out in the digital realm and using digital tools, they are considered part of digital marketing. With these interpretations, if we want to identify the responsibilities of a digital marketer and understand what digital marketing is, it is sufficient to examine the responsibilities of a marketing specialist and perform the same tasks using digital tools. So, we can briefly find out fundamental of digital marketing is totally basic knowledge we learned from marketing and branding throughout history.


What does a digital marketer do?

According to research conducted in the past 3 years, the average internet usage among adults has increased by about 5%! Additionally, online buying and selling have shown an upward trend during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that traditional or offline marketing will no longer have the same impact as before. Marketing has always been about establishing connections with customers and audiences at the right time and place. Today, the best place for meeting and effectively communicating with audiences is where they spend the most time, and that is the Internet. So, digital marketing can be defined as a collection of various tactics and digital channels used to connect with customers and audiences who spend most of their time online.

The digital marketers should be in different groups and each group needs their advanced specialist; in modern digital marketing, we don’t have a person as an individual manager of digital marketing but also a great team doing digital marketing services. Saurus as a digital marketing and advertisement company tries to gather the most talented and knowledgeable team around to have better results in digital marketing services. The following titles are the definition of each digital marketing specialist.


SEO manager

Responsibility for ranking in search engine pages lies with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They utilize various methods to optimize search engines. An SEO manager works directly with content creators to ensure that the generated content performs well and meets the desired criteria on Google. Also, they do onsite and offsite SEO to grow website visits and results. Also, in writing any content of a website finding better keywords based on competitors is very important. There are other SEO techniques like co-working and giving different links to other websites or inner pages to guide visitors serving longer on the web. One of the most important aspects of Google analysis is how much a visitor takes time to stay on your website.


Content Marketing Manager

It is responsible for the production of digital content. Content marketers often provide content strategies and follow content calendars. These experts collaborate with other team members to ensure that the generated content supports the company’s products and campaigns, or not. Having a high knowledge of literature and language, knowing content SEO basics, the ability to manage writers, and checking updates daily are just some of the content manager’s responsibilities. The preference and structure of website content are managed and planned by the content marketer.


Social Media Manager

The responsibility of a social media manager is somewhat obvious from their title, but the specific platform they work on depends on the industry in which the company operates. This manager develops a scheduling plan for posting content on social media platforms. They collaborate with company content producers to publish content on social media networks. A social media manager should have great knowledge of platform algorithms, audiences’ tastes, and artistic vision and also should be very aware of content schedules. Most of the time having a team to answer comments and messages directly and on time will help in digital marketing and growing your business.

Fundamental of digital marketing can be named the marketing strategies, the team, and the product. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of areas; therefore, generally, in companies, there isn’t one person who knows everything as a digital marketer! Typically, each company’s digital marketing department has a manager who is familiar with all areas of this field, and other departments are managed by digital marketers who have a greater focus and expertise in a specific skill. For example, website optimization may be handled by one person, while social media networks are managed by another.

However, all areas of digital marketing use a common approach. The normal process in all departments is to first identify the Key Performance Indicator (KPI). This helps in focusing on important and impactful data and enables obtaining precise analyses. This connection point ensures that different departments are inseparable and work in coordination with each other


What a digital marketer should know?

Many people in the world immerse themselves in learning thousands of tools and skills, but in the end, they don’t succeed in their desired field of work. Someone can learn all graphic design tools, but never become a graphic designer, and that’s not strange or impossible at all! For this reason, a successful digital marketer is someone who, in addition to the necessary expertise, also learns behavioral and decision-making skills in this field. These skills include:

1- Be consistent and persistent in your work: Digital marketing doesn’t yield results overnight, and with a single success, you cannot guarantee the sustainability of that victory. Therefore, you must consistently and continuously put effort into your work.

2- Stay up to date and never stop learning: If you’re among those people who prefer to work with the knowledge they gained in university for a long time after graduation, then this profession is not suitable for you. The digital world is constantly evolving, and digital marketers must always be in pursuit of learning to keep up with it.

3- Be honest: Marketing is a science of numbers and figures. If you’re not honest about the success or failure of a digital marketing strategy, you will soon encounter problems. Therefore, see and express things as they are pragmatically.

4- Don’t go solo, seek advice: The personality type of some individuals leads them to prefer individual work and succeed in it. However, these types are not suitable for becoming a digital marketer! As we mentioned, this field has many interconnected subfields, and none of them can be ignored.

5- Be opportunistic and quick: Sometimes a small event in the digital world can transform your business. That’s why you need to be precise and opportunistic so that you can quickly take advantage of these situations.

6-Be patient: Acting quickly does not mean being hasty. Remember that many strategies in digital marketing require time to be effective.


In conclusion, what are the fundamentals of digital marketing

After all, we can find out there are some special acts, or strategies that can be called fundamental to digital marketing. It’s a system in which any of its parts should be done well. The competition in digital marketing is very vast and all competitors try to have the most knowledgeable and professional specialists. The Saurus team tries its best to cover all digital marketing needs with the highest result. To have a better marketing place you should be updated, and you should have a strong website with high search results on Google. You should have a strong and updated social media and you should analyze your competitors day by day.


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