What is Digital Marketing?


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What is Digital Marketing history?

Digital Marketing has been one of the pioneer marketing branches since the early 20th century. After the growth of technology and the web, the marketing world has been changed forever. The old-school marketing strategies like advertisements, billboards, and brandings were under the shadow of new technology. The digital marketing term was first coined in 1990 and it was based on Customer Relationship Management or CRS, which was the application of services, sales, shopping, and marketing on a computer.

One of the first revolutionary inventions that people were searching online for, and the brand started special digital marketing strategies was the Apple iPhone. In the early 20th the internet slowly became common and people faced online shopping and online advertisements. The next great option for them was time, they saved their time by checking products just with one click which had all the details and preferences data on a page. We can say Steve Jobs plays an unforgettable role in modern social media, marketing, branding, and the digital world.

The two sides of the internet were growing very fast one side was search engines and the other was social media. Both of them have a deep effect on digital marketing based on different aspects. The first one was getting information from customers without wasting time or asking them for old statistics and papers. Based on the search data and their behaviors on social media like Facebook the marketing and advertisement started to change very fast. Also, the first versions of digital marketing were used on emails and messengers like Yahoo, which is called Email marketing.

There are different ways of digital marketing that modern marketers are using like email marketing, social media marketing, Video marketing, blogging marketing, website marketing, paid search marketing, and search engine marketing. Based on modern availabilities by the vast growth of the internet and digital world parts of digital marketing specialized and each of them has vast techniques and tips. In the post-modern world, any person using an average 3-to-4-hour internet or social media with a great number of marketing and advertisement styles makes digital marketing hard in competition without having specialists.


What is digital marketing?

Traditional marketing is usually done through printed advertisements, telephone communication with customers, or physical and in-person interactions. On the other hand, digital marketing completely takes place online and electronically. This means that companies and brands have many more facilities to access customers, including email, video, social networks, and search engines.

In all stages of digital marketing, brand awareness is crucial. In today’s online world, all businesses have a website and consider having a website as a fundamental requirement for their business. Even if they don’t have a website, they try to have a strong presence on social networks or other channels. Digital content and marketing have become so common among businesses that consumers now expect businesses to have a digital tool at their disposal, and many businesses consider these tools as a way to gain customer trust.

In 1994, Yahoo entered the world of the internet. With Yahoo’s entry, the number of web visitors increased by one million, which also significantly elevated the importance of digital marketing. Since Yahoo’s inception, the topic of website optimization for search engines gained much importance.

With the emergence of various search engines, the discussion around content creation became increasingly significant. Marketers had to use good and useful content to attract the attention of the audience and search engine worms. Consequently, attention towards SEO techniques and website analytics tools like Google Analytics increased. In line with this, some digital marketing companies started taking orders for content production from users to provide user-friendly and SEO-optimized content to the audience. This increased the chances of website visibility by the audience.

As we mentioned there are various types of digital marketing, which in the modern world needs specialists. Each of the following marketing areas has a huge competition and without having exact information and strategies the chance of success in marketing will be very low. Using specialists in your marketing and R&D team will help your business to not be afraid of monsters in digital marketing and grow slowly with a normal range of stability.


Social media marketing (SMM)

The first social media that officially affected the digital world was Yahoo Messenger, but the revolution of social media was by creation of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg. A media with personal information, habits, favorites, and full of psychological details about customers which changed the marketing strategies forever. With the growth of social media to millions of members the access of third parties to this information was a dangerous but also a huge chance for brands. Most critics are against these accesses and they believe the privacy of people is in danger but whether we want it or not, social media bring people out of their homes and show them very rudely.


Email-marketing (EM)

Email marketing has been popular among marketers for a long time. In email campaigns, various goals can be achieved, such as introducing products to potential customers, providing useful content, advertising, informing about discounts, and more. Email marketing is one of the targeted advertising methods. Many people consider it a simple way to attract an audience, but it should be noted that the customer acquisition rate through this method is very high, and it requires familiarity with marketing techniques, customer interests, and user needs to be implemented effectively.


Content Marketing (CM)

In the history of digital marketing, reference has also been made to content marketing. Content is highly emphasized in online marketing strategies. Through information dissemination, education, or providing entertaining content, one can attract the audience towards themselves. In content marketing, your content must be engaging for users. On the other hand, content should be prepared in a way that addresses the needs of the audience. It is necessary to optimize your content for search engines. That’s why special attention should be paid to SEO. Using frequently repeated keywords in content production helps persuade more people to engage with your activities.

Searching Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a type of online marketing that involves paid advertising to enhance the visibility of websites on search engine result pages and facilitate exchanges between users through a user-friendly interface. When you search for something, the websites you see at the top of the page have utilized search engine optimization (SEO) effectively in digital marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is an effective and specialized method for promoting businesses. People search for what they want, and advertisers target keywords related to those searches. You only have to pay advertisers when potential customers click on your ad link. This is where the concept of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising comes into play. Now let’s see the significant difference between offline advertising such as billboards or newspapers and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In traditional advertising, regardless of people’s interest in viewing the advertisement, it is displayed to them, and you have to pay for the advertising costs in any case. However, in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), people search for products or services they want, and your advertising is only displayed to the target audience. As mentioned before, you only have to pay the advertiser if the ad link is clicked.


Conclusion, Why Digital Marketing is important?

Digital marketing could be the heart of modern businesses. All brands and businesses are aware of internet and websites importance. Also, nowadays they hardly work on their content on different social media. The high range of competition in any business forces brands to have specialists in any type of marketing and work on the growth of their website and social media every day. You can’t gain Success in modern business without paying money, time, and attention to digital marketing.

Saurus Web and advertisement team could manage all your digital marketing plans and strategies like web, social media, and content marketing with highly experienced specialists. Also, the Saurus team has narrow observation on technology and search engine changes and they update their information constantly. For growing your brand and business you can trust our team and we secure your digital marketing plans and growth with high results in competition with other businesses. Also, Saurus can manage and write a plan for small businesses in digital marketing to grow faster.


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