CPC and PPC Advertising

CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (paid-per-click) advertising is a common and valuable method of paid search advertising that can have a huge impact on your website traffic, conversion rates, and ultimately your sales and revenue (after all, you paid for it!). Saurus’s professional CPC and PPC advertising services help you in creating, running, and managing your PPC campaigns so you get the most out of every penny you invest in this advertising channel. We know how to create data-driven, successful, and fruitful PPC campaigns that will put your brand in the sights of customers who are ready to pay, giving your business an edge in the market and driving traffic to your website like you can’t even dream of (assuming your website bandwidth is enough for it!).

CPC and PPC Advertising Services

We live in a digital world that is getting bigger and bigger every day, where every business is trying to figure out how to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising and their conversion rates. Under these circumstances, many companies are turning to paid advertising like PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost-per-click) to give their business a boost in this competitive landscape. These advertising models have the potential to introduce your business to a whole new audience and increase your sales and revenue in a short period of time. However, if you really want to get results with your campaign, you need to work with experts in the field and use the professional CPC and PPC advertising services of a reputable digital marketing agency that knows how to set up effective campaigns, monitor their progress and optimize them until they achieve the desired results (synonym: Saurus!).

At Saurus, we recognize that with the new trends in digital marketing, many companies are looking for new ways to get their products and services in the eyes of the people most likely to become paying customers (and fill their pockets along the way!). We have also seen pay-per-click advertising establish itself as one of the most efficient and successful forms of digital advertising in recent years, as it allows companies to target their advertising budgets to reach the most relevant audiences in the shortest possible time. That is why we have gathered in our CPC and PPC advertising team highly experienced and knowledgeable PPC experts who have a broad background in developing highly effective pay-per-click campaigns that increase your online sales, income, and return on ad spend or ROAS.

Saurus’s PPC experts are equipped with the expertise and knowledge to create PPC campaigns that will help you reach your target audience with pinpoint accuracy, shorten the time it takes potential buyers to make a decision and increase your conversion rates. Our PPC campaigns are dynamic and are constantly analyzed, optimized, and improved based on the feedback we receive from you and your internal teams (just spare us the gossip, OK?!). The strategies our PPC experts use to handle your pay-per-click campaign have been refined to the point where we now use them to increase our visibility and attract new customers to Saurus, as well (just look how we got you here with our PPC ads!).

CPC and PPC Advertising Services

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a type of paid advertising that allows you to quickly increase your brand’s visibility and reach a specific target audience. In this advertising model, you only pay the platform when users click on your ads and get to your website to do the desired action. PPC ads are based on a set of predefined keywords to drive traffic to your website and can be displayed on high-traffic websites, as well as in search results and on social media platforms.

When you use Saurus’s CPC and PPC advertising services, you can rest assured that we focus on conversions, not clicks or impressions, and evaluate your campaign’s performance based on conversion rates because PPC is only effective when targeted traffic is sent to your website and your business goals are achieved (unless your goals are far too ambitious, like becoming the next Google in seven days!). Working with Saurus, you can also be sure that your advertising budget is in good hands because we manage it with the same care that we take with our own finances (no, we won’t lead you to bankruptcy, as well!).

To provide effective PPC services, we focus on learning all we can about your company and its target audience. That’s why, when you hire Saurus’s PPC experts, we don’t just do our job—we consider ourselves dedicated members of your team, doing all we can to contribute to the success of your business. While we may know a thing or two (or significantly more!) about PPC advertising, you definitely (and hopefully) know more about your company than we ever could. When you add your own expertise to that of our experts, you have the whole recipe for a successful PPC advertising campaign.

What Are the CPC and PPC Advertising Services at Saurus?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows businesses to place ads on popular websites with large user bases and reach the desired audience easily and quickly. When a potential customer sees your PPC ad and is interested in learning more about your business and its products or services, they can click on the link next to the ad and be taken to your website or landing page.

When you leave your PPC advertising to Saurus, our team works with you to set your PPC goals, determine your campaign KPIs, and design an advertising strategy that will drive traffic to your website. Our experts keep abreast of industry developments and keep an eye out for changes in the many advertising channels and options we offer. They will also help you understand the ins and outs of PPC and learn how to incorporate it into your existing SEO and other digital marketing strategies.

The professionals on Saurus’s CPC and PPC advertising team know their field so well that they can cover all your PPC advertising needs and provide you with the following services, among others:

  • PPC audit
  • PPC consulting
  • International PPC ads
  • Bing PPC ads
  • Amazon PPC ads
  • Search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • In-Stream advertising
  • Remarketing

PPC advertising is the fastest way you can use to reach your target market and instantly bring your website to the top of search engine results or display it on other high-traffic platforms. So, if you’re short on time to promote your products or services and impress your target audience, call Saurus right now so we can start working our magic and bring you the flood of users you’ve been waiting for forever. Of course, you can take as much time as you want if you don’t mind lagging behind all your authoritative competitors!

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