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Now that everyone is fighting for the top SERP positions, you need to take extra measures to ensure the right audience sees and discovers your content, and sponsored content can be the solution. If you’ve launched a new website or are running a digital marketing campaign, Saurus’s sponsored content services can help you promote your business on popular, industry-related platforms and attract new prospects. Our marketing and advertising experts at Saurus work hand-in-hand with our copywriting department to create engaging and valuable sponsored content and publish it on credible, premium paid publishing platforms that are carefully selected based on your business, industry, and audience data, as well as publisher data and past records (and also based on how well we like them and how much money we’ll make by partnering with them!)

Sponsored Content Services

With advances in digital advertising technology and the emergence of new advertising channels, people are bombarded with dozens of ads every minute. So it’s only natural that they develop an aversion to any kind of advertising content that targets them anywhere on the World Wide Web. In this context, using professional sponsored content services(from Saurus, of course!) is a smart way for businesses to increase their reach by placing non-intrusive advertisements on channels visited by their target audience.

At Saurus, we’ve found that sponsored content, once limited to newspapers and magazines, is now a thriving field in the world of digital advertising, allowing businesses to reach their customers in subtle but effective ways. That’s why we’ve assembled highly experienced marketing and advertising experts on Saurus’s sponsored content team, who work closely with our talented copywriters to create engaging, helpful, and rewarding content for your business.

Based on information about your business, your target market, and the publishing platform’s track record, they select the most reliable platforms and publish your sponsored content there to give you the best possible results you can get from a single piece of content. We work with hundreds, if not thousands, of reputable and well-known publishing platforms (some of which may not be that well-known, but still!). So, you can be sure that there are many specialized websites that will be happy to work with you to promote your business and build an organic backlink profile for you.

When you use Saurus’s professional sponsored content services, you get well-written, top-notch content tailored to your chosen topic, and you can choose the publishers where your sponsored content is published from a pool of available publishers to get an actual boost in traffic along with quality backlinks, increased brand awareness, visibility, and most importantly, credibility.

Sponsored Content Services

What Is Sponsored Content?

The term “sponsored content” refers to premium content that is funded by an advertiser, the “sponsor,” and published by a media company, publishing platform, or website. It is an example of native advertising that, unlike traditional forms of advertising, doesn’t seem intrusive but rather an integral part of the platform. Sponsored content is an effective way to grow your audience and build valuable relationships with potential customers based on trust and credibility. You can use this valuable tool to effectively communicate your brand message and reach a larger, new audience, resulting in increased brand awareness, ROI, and business growth.

When you engage Saurus’s sponsored content services, we try to find platforms that are already communicating with your ideal customer base and cover territory relevant to your brand’s mission. This way, we ensure that mentioning your business in the content feels like a seamless addition (and not a pushy sales pitch that no one wants to read or hear!).

Is Sponsored Content Worth It?

Sponsored content gives your business the opportunity to become known to people who are actively searching for information about products or services like yours on their trusted platforms and websites. By providing valuable information that fits seamlessly into context, this form of non-intrusive advertising effectively communicates the value of your products and services and allows you to inform your audience about what your business has to offer (and sometimes what your competitors don’t!).

At Saurus, we create and publish sponsored content that significantly increases the impact of your messages and minimizes unnecessary advertising costs, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment. If you’re curious about what other benefits sponsored content has for your business, check it out:

  • Sponsored content increases brand awareness and exposure.

How many times have you skipped an ad or immediately closed a web page with clearly promotional content? The same goes for your customers, who are exposed to a large number of ads every minute. Sponsored content, on the other hand, is a subtle form of promotional content that adds undeniable value and entices readers to read the article to the end. For example, when you target your audience with a sponsored article, you’re signaling to them that you value their time and are willing to provide them with useful information in addition to your promotional message. This audience-focused strategy is usually very effective because it keeps readers engaged with your brand longer than traditional digital ads.

  • It increases the credibility of your brand.

Sponsored content, when used properly, can build your audience’s trust in your brand. One reason for this is that when a reputable and high-authority publisher mentions your products or services positively in its content, readers will associate the two brands with each other, which means their trust in the publisher equals their trust in your brand.

  • It increases your brand’s reach and visibility.

With sponsored content, unlike organic website content or other types of ads, your business will be perceived by your target audience as a trusted brand endorsed by their favorite publisher, and that will increase your reach and visibility. When you use Saurus’s sponsored content services, your content is published on high-traffic, popular platforms where your target audience is voluntarily active and will be perceived as natural and not annoying, like intrusive ads that are usually ignored.

  • It will increase conversions and sales.

With the large number of advertising channels in the digital space and the huge number of ads on each of them, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for consumers around the world to trust an ad’s promising message, in some cases leading them to ignore ads altogether. When we create and publish your sponsored content, we make sure that the references to your products, brand, and company are so subtle and embedded in the context of the article that readers not only don’t mind your marketing message but actually welcome it.

  • It will boost your backlink profile.

As a business owner or webmaster, you may be concerned about the quality and performance of your website’s backlink profile. Sponsored content is a great way to increase the number of natural backlinks to your website, improving your domain authority and SEO ranking.

Sponsored content is considered one of the oldest forms of non-intrusive advertising that has been around for several decades, and in recent decades, it has gained a strong foothold in the digital advertising world as well. When you leave the creation and publishing of your sponsored content to Saurus, you get well-prepared content that provides a valuable experience to your audience, making them believe that they are getting new information and not just reading an advertisement. This way, you can establish your brand as a trustworthy and credible one that cares about its audience and is not out to make sales at any cost.

So if you’re launching a new product or service soon and want to promote it on niche-relevant platforms, or your digital marketing campaign is already in full swing, and you want to boost your results, call Saurus right now so we can get to work publishing your sponsored content on our partner platforms ASAP. If you’re still on the fence about using our sponsored content services, there’s no need to rush because we have a long line of other clients, including your competitors, waiting to reap the benefits of working with our renowned digital marketing agency!


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