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The fact that we all strive to rank first on Google shows that no advertising channel can be as effective as Google Ads, a PPC advertising service that displays your website as sponsored links at the top of Google search results. With Saurus’s professional Google Ads management services, you can make the most of every penny you spend on your Google Ads campaign and achieve results that have the potential to transform your business (or our business, what’s the difference?!). Our Google Ads Management experts at Saurus will help you use this great marketing channel to your advantage with customized and data-driven strategies. They’ll create and manage a (hopefully!) successful and profitable Google Ads campaign for your business and have the knowledge and experience to manage all types of Google Ads services, from Google Shopping to the Google Display Network.

Google Ads Management Services

In recent years, Google search results have become so competitive that it can take several months or even years for your website to appear on the first page for your target keywords. That’s why using Google Ads is a great strategy to quickly increase your company’s visibility and bring your website to the top of Google search results. However, setting up and managing a successful and result-generating Google Ads campaign is not an easy task that everyone can do (including you, dear client!). That’s why, as a smart business owner, the safest thing for you to do is to use professional Google Ads management services (offered by none other than Saurus!) and hire experts to run and manage your campaign.

At Saurus, we believe that while anyone can create a Google Ads account in seconds, this platform is so sophisticated and complex that you need a great deal of experience and knowledge to achieve acceptable results with it. In contrast to the positive impact a well-thought-out Google Ads strategy can have on your company’s bottom line, an inefficient or improperly managed campaign (like the ones our competitors offer you!) can waste your money without increasing your website’s traffic or sales. That’s why at Saurus, we’ve assembled a team of experienced and knowledgeable marketers and SEO experts to provide you with professional Google Ads management services that can transform your digital marketing campaign (hopefully for the better!).

The digital marketing and SEO professionals at Saurus are experts at managing revenue-generating Google Ads campaigns that bring traffic and customers to businesses that have big plans for their future growth. They are also adept at setting up and managing optimized Google Ads campaigns that instantly maximize your click-through rate, quickly attract new visitors, and ultimately increase your leads, conversions, sales, and revenue.

Google Ads Management Services

What Are the Google Ads Management Services at Saurus?

At Saurus, we handle all aspects of your Google Ads campaigns, from setup to live ad analysis and optimization to bid management. Thanks to our many years of experience with Google Ads, YouTube ads, Google Shopping, and the Google Display Network, we are recognized as a trusted and credible Google Ads Partner agency. We’ll do whatever it takes (as long as it’s legal, legitimate, and, more importantly, within the project budget!) to get great results for you and your business. When you use Saurus’s Google Ads management services, you get a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Google Ads campaign audit
  • Campaign creation and setup
  • Google Ads strategy
  • Keyword research and planning
  • Competitor ad analysis
  • Ad copy creation, variation, and testing
  • Analysis and development of landing pages
  • Campaign management and maintenance
  • Campaign analysis
  • Ongoing bid adjustments
  • Conversion tracking
  • Detailed reports

What Is Google Ads and Why Is It Important?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a highly effective online advertising program that uses a pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-display auction model to place ads alongside relevant search results on the Google search results page. This system allows you to customize the visibility of your ad based on keywords, the content you offer visitors, and the landing page they see after clicking on the ad. With so many businesses competing for the same keywords, an ad on Google is not a cheap advertising option, but if you want to get more website visitors or online sales and revenue for your business in a short period of time, Google Ads is the best option.

When you use Saurus’s Google Ads management services, we will leverage all available resources and strategies to reach new customers for your business and retarget existing customers so you can see the results of your campaign almost immediately. Our ultimate goal is to increase your ROI with your Google Ads campaign. So, we keep a close eye on your ads and bids and constantly optimize them to get the best possible results. If you’re curious to know why Google Ads is important for your business and what benefits it can offer you, you should take a look at the following facts:

  • Google Ads brings you tremendous visibility and exposure.

Since Google is the world’s leading search engine, it is only natural that advertising on this platform can bring your business a huge amount of visibility and new visitors, most of whom are ready to buy a product or service similar to yours. If you want to increase your potential leads, customers, and sales, it’s important to get your name out there in this way.

  • It allows you to target your audience accurately.

When you use paid search advertising, your ultimate goal is to reach your target audience efficiently and quickly. With Google’s sophisticated and ever-evolving algorithms, it’s more likely that your content will be seen by the people you want to reach when you use Google Ads. When you hire Saurus to manage your Google Ads, we will tailor your reach to an audience that matches your specific demographic, geographic, language, and interest criteria. This way, only qualified prospects will be exposed to your ads, and you won’t have to worry about your money being thrown away.

  • It delivers results much faster than SEO.

With a Google Ads campaign, you’ll get results much faster than with SEO campaigns because your website doesn’t have to compete with organic search results. This way, the audiences who are looking for products or services similar to your offerings will find your website at the top of the search results immediately after the campaign is launched.

  • It provides you with comprehensive analytics reports.

With the reports that Google Ads provides you with, you can easily and quickly monitor your campaigns and measure their results. When you leave your Google Ads management to Saurus, we can use advanced analytics tools to determine which ads performed best, which keywords caused the ad to show, and where users saw it first. This way, we can easily determine which ads are successful, which need improvement, and which aren’t meeting goals.

At Saurus, we can maximize the profitability of your Google Ads campaigns by creating professionally managed campaigns that are designed and executed with advanced tools and techniques, as well as well-thought-out strategies that help increase your company’s sales and revenue. So, whether you already have a Google Ads campaign running and just need some awesome new ideas, or you want to start from scratch and need professionals to set up, run, and manage your campaign, call Saurus right now so we can get to work launching a great, one-of-a-kind campaign for you and saving your website from its current terrible spot on the last pages of the SERPs!

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