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Instant messaging apps let you stay connected with your customers and website visitors and get the most out of your online presence. Saurus’s instant messaging app development and online support services enable you to improve your online customer support and relationships (and sometimes, depending on the whim of the chat app operator, scare away your customers!). Our instant messaging app development and online support team at Saurus creates unique and fully functional apps that encourage your leads and potential customers to contact you and start their buying journey. These professionals have experience in developing iOS and Android apps, as well as web apps that you can use on your website.

Online Support and Live Chat Services

Gone are the days when the phones in your office wouldn’t stop ringing, the lines were overloaded, and your customer service reps couldn’t even take a break because of all the customers in line. Today is the age of live chat, the newest form of customer support that is revolutionizing the industry for its unparalleled efficiency and ease of use. These days, if you’re interested in improving your customer support, increasing customer satisfaction, and ultimately boosting your sales, you should invest in Saurus’s professional live chat services (yes, none other than ours!) before your website is even online.

At Saurus, we believe that having a live chat feature on your website is an absolute must in today’s competitive online business landscape, as it allows you to maximize your website’s potential and stay in touch with your customers and website visitors 24/7 (except for those times when your live chat agents are napping behind the screen, which is inevitable unless you pay them well!). We’ve also learned firsthand that every live chat conversation on a website is an opportunity to close a sale because it’s a meaningful conversation that website visitors start on their own (unlike when your salespeople call people at home when they’re trying to relax!). So, at Saurus, we’ve put together a team of highly skilled and seasoned web developers who can make professional live chat software that will help you connect with more potential customers and website visitors every day and, hopefully, turn them into paying customers.

What Are Live Chat Services?

Live chat is a fast and effective tool on most business websites that allows visitors and customers to speak with a company representative in real-time. The live chat software we develop at Saurus relies on human resources, meaning real customer service representatives ready to answer your website visitors’ questions and inquiries. Since everything is digital these days, and in the digital world, all questions need to be answered almost instantly, today’s customers prefer to use a live chat support system instead of an e-mail or phone to get instant answers to their questions (otherwise, they would just turn to your competitors without a second look!)

When you use Saurus’s live chat services, our professional experts will be by your side from the very beginning to develop, install and customize your website’s live chat feature according to your company’s unique needs and preferences.

Benefits of Live Chat Services for Your Business

With Saurus’s professional live chat services, you’ll have an unrepeatable chance to create valuable sales opportunities, and you’ll get the most out of your online presence without having to spend a lot of extra money. But the benefits of live chat for your business are by no means limited to that; a professionally developed and managed live chat support system (that is, only the ones we develop at Saurus!) can also bring your business the following benefits:

  • It will strengthen your relationship with your customers: a live chat support system helps you to always be there for your existing and potential customers, especially when they need you the most, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and, ultimately, customer loyalty.
  • It’s a much more convenient way to communicate: live chat is a convenient and time-saving way for your customers to communicate with you and your team, all from the comfort of their browser (and without paying a single penny!). Even customers who can’t talk on the phone because they can’t find a quiet place or have other limitations have the option to do so on live chat.
  • It is a great tool to reduce costs for your business: if you use live chat and handle multiple users at the same time, you not only save time, but you can also reduce the average cost of customer interaction. This allows you to make better use of your staff and, at the same time, reduce the workload of your telephone customer service representatives.
  • It can be used as a sales channel: live chat allows you to help customers at every stage of the customer journey right from the start. If a customer has a question while browsing your website, they can get an answer immediately on live chat without having to call you (and wait on hold until someone finally decides to answer them!). This increases the likelihood that the customer will interact with you and eventually make a purchase.
  • It gives you invaluable data and insights: in addition to the questions they asked, live chat transcripts can tell you a lot about your customers and help you get to know them much better. With the information you get from live chat, you can find out what your customers want, what they need, and how they buy. Having this data at your fingertips and acting on it can lead to an increase in everything from the number of people visiting your website to your sales and revenue. With this new information, you can help your customers buy your products in a way that is good and profitable for both of you.

Of course, as an experienced business owner, you know that you should always keep your customers’ best interests in mind and never keep them waiting too long (unless you want them to curse you and leave your website forever!). Using Saurus’s professional live chat services will help you do this efficiently and always be there when your potential and existing customers need your help. As more and more customers prefer live chat to alternative methods of customer support, using this feature can give your business a competitive edge over similar businesses in your industry that haven’t yet adopted this new method.

So if you don’t already have a professionally developed live chat system on your website – and you really care about your customers and your website visitors becoming your loyal customers in the future – call Saurus right now so we can start working on it ASAP. Just don’t take too long because every minute your website runs without a live chat feature, dozens of sales opportunities go down the drain, and all you can do is watch and sigh regretfully!

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