Template Web Design and Development

Template websites are a low-cost, fast, and easy-to-use solution for small businesses and startups that want to have an online presence but don’t have the means or resources (or the will!) to create a custom website. When you take advantage of Saurus’s template web design and development services, you can have a template website at its best in terms of form and functionality. Our template web design and development team at Saurus knows how to create a template website that pushes the boundaries (well, not so much, of course!) and delivers a seamless website and optimal user experience, regardless of the project’s time and budget constraints.

Template Web Design and Development Services

Any company that wants to strengthen its online presence and attract more customers decides to have a website. While most large and reputable companies prefer a custom website, there are still some who opt for a template website for certain reasons, because it’s cheaper and easier to use. Even though template websites come with certain limitations, they also have their good points (one of them is that Saurus designs and develops them for you!). If you’re a small business or a startup owner and don’t have enough resources (or are too stingy to pay the money!) to order a custom website, you can opt for a template website in the beginning.

But you shouldn’t take template website design and development lightly, and it’s best to choose a professional and experienced team for your project (namely, the team at Saurus!). Because contrary to what some believe, template website design isn’t just about replacing the theme’s text and images with yours to reflect your company’s identity. There’s a lot more to it, and if the work isn’t done by professionals, your chosen theme won’t perform optimally.

At Saurus, we help you choose a professionally developed theme that is regularly updated by its creator and from which you can expect security and fast page loading times. Besides, we use efficient and proven plugins to implement most of the features that are important for you on your website.

What is a Template Website?

Template websites already have a design and layout in the form of a ready-made theme or template. So web designers and developers don’t have to design them from scratch or develop their own code. Depending on the theme you choose, a template website can also be of high quality.

The template websites we create for you also have a polished, attractive design. With the abundance of high-quality premium themes (and the knowledge and experience of Saurus’s professionals, of course!), it’ll be easy for you to choose one that complements your brand’s visual identity and suits your needs.

Unfortunately, one disadvantage of template websites (there are other disadvantages too, which we won’t mention here!) is that, unlike custom websites, here other companies can choose a design that is very similar to yours. Therefore, you may not be able to prevent your website design from resembling that of your competitors. However, if you have a small budget and you don’t mind this limitation, Saurus’s template website design and development services are one of the best online solutions you can ever find!

Advantages of Template Websites

Template websites are a practical option for small businesses and short-term projects because they don’t require as much time, effort, and money as custom websites. At Saurus, we do our best to make sure that your template website works optimally and serves the purpose you have in mind with it (but nothing illegal or immoral, please!). Even though these websites don’t give you as much leeway as a custom website, they still have significant advantages, including the following:

  • They have pre-made templates.

Template websites have everything they need pre-built and don’t need to be designed and developed from scratch. We know that this first advantage seems obvious and may even be presented as one of the disadvantages of template websites, but that depends on your point of view, which brings us to the second and third advantages.

  • They’re much more affordable.

As mentioned earlier, the time and effort required to design and develop template websites aren’t as high as that required for custom websites. Therefore, fewer people work on your project per hour, and you pay less money for it.

  • They can be completed in no time.

When there is less work, it takes less time. So a template website is ready in much less time than a custom website.

  • There are no hidden fees or surprises.

When you use a template website, you save time and worry about how the final result will look and how well the team working on it understood and respected your expectations. Besides, unlike custom websites, you won’t incur additional costs.

  • They give you so many options to choose from.

With so many options available online, it’s easier than ever to choose a website template that fits your needs exactly. You might even feel overwhelmed by all the available website templates that are out there. But don’t worry, because this is where Saurus comes in to help you out.

  • They’re easy to use, both for you and for your visitors.

When creating website templates, usability is the top priority for the web developers behind the project. Therefore, template websites are usually user-friendly by default and don’t require many changes to achieve the optimal user experience you want.

Custom vs. Template Websites: What Should You Choose?

The decision between a custom website and a template website isn’t a difficult one to make. If you’re short on time and money but still need a functional website, a pre-built template will give you everything you need. Don’t forget that in the future, when the need increases, you can order a custom website and easily switch to it (well, not that easy, but still). You’re not forced to use the same website template forever (unless you want to keep all your revenue for yourself!). However, a custom website is a worthwhile investment if your industry is highly competitive, you want to give your business its own identity, and you have the means to do so.

At Saurus, we offer both services and have experienced teams that design and develop both template and custom websites. So if you need your website done in a jiffy or are on a tight budget, call Saurus right away so we can decide on a website template together and start customizing it for you. But don’t make the fatal mistake of using those ugly automated website-building kits because they’ll bring nothing but shame to your business!


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