3D Design and 3D Modeling

The 3D design is a seemingly new yet established and widely used technology that can be used for branding and marketing as well as product design and development. Saurus’s 3D modeling and 3D design services help you flesh out your abstract and innovative ideas and breathe life into incomprehensible, lifeless 2D designs that might otherwise remain on drawing paper for a long time (that is, if you don’t throw the papers in the trash!). At Saurus, our professional 3D design team consists of 3D experts who provide 3D solutions for all types of projects and client needs. Whether it’s a simple 3D logo design or a complicated and sophisticated 3D product modeling and rendering, you can count on them to get the job done professionally and smoothly and deliver the best possible results.

3D Design and 3D Modeling Services

3D design and 3D modeling are innovative yet well-established technologies that have been used for years (yes, seemingly since the 1960s!) for product development and design, as well as for advertising, marketing, and other purposes. Today’s product development and manufacturing owe much to advances in 3D design, which can be both an exquisite work of art and a useful tool.

At Saurus, we offer 3D modeling and 3D design services that help you bring previously intangible thoughts and concepts into a tangible form, bringing to life vague and soulless 2D drawings that would typically rot on the sketchpad for years (assuming you don’t throw them away!).

Our 3D experts use sophisticated modeling software to create accurate representations of objects or sketches and present them in two-dimensional renderings or three-dimensional simulations, both of which have their advantages.

What Are 3D Design and 3D Modeling Services at Saurus?

In our 3D design studio, we have all the necessary tools and equipment, and our workspace is perfectly prepared to handle virtually any project (well, not the blockbuster feature film that even Pixar rejected!) In addition, our team has years of experience in creating high-quality files for 3D printing using the latest technologies. Our most popular and requested 3D design and 3D modeling services are:

  • 3D Product Modeling

Modeling as we know it has been revolutionized by the introduction and development of 3D modeling technologies. Nowadays, there’s no need to resort to tedious and inaccurate manual work or create 2D models just to get a rough idea of how your final product will look like. However, the groundbreaking potential of these technologies goes far beyond simply improving workflow. They also impact the final product and the quality of the overall project and end results.

3D product modeling is a powerful tool for marketing and advertising teams working to maximize the visibility and awareness of their products, helping them spread the word about the company with great force. To help companies with their marketing and communication efforts, we create photorealistic 3D models of their products that can be used to enhance advertising and provide additional information about the item.

  • 3D Product Design

In today’s digital age, 3D design has become an indispensable part of the product development process. Our 3D design team understands how vital their design can be to your project and will provide you with comprehensive 3D product designs that are tailored to your specific needs and ready for immediate production.

  • 3D Character Modeling

3D character modeling means creating a three-dimensional representation of a character, whether it’s based on a real person or something entirely fictional. This service is mainly used in the video game industry, but it has also gained popularity in advertising and other sectors in recent years. At Saurus, we offer 3D character modeling services that can help you make a memorable impression on your target customers and bring your characters to life.

  • 3D Architectural Design

At Saurus, we offer state-of-the-art 3D architectural design services for a variety of applications, including presentations, design, development, and business needs. Our team creates visually appealing and accurate renderings of buildings, spaces, and furniture to pique clients’ curiosity and drive their purchasing decisions.

Saurus’s 3D design and 3D modeling team also has the experience and resources to provide the following services, although they aren’t as popular as the above services and are used on a more limited basis:

  • ​3D 360-degree modeling
  • 3D visualization
  • 3D Environment modeling
  • 3D modeling for games
  • 3D modeling for AR/VR


What Can 3D Modeling Be Used for?

Saurus’s 3D design and 3D modeling services are used in a variety of businesses and industries, including entertainment, automotive, medical, advertising, and many others. In general, the following industries are among those that rely heavily on and benefit from 3D technologies:

  • Film and Animation

The entertainment industry was one of the first industries to embrace 3D technology and put a lot of resources into its development. It’s the technology of choice for creating CGI movie characters, animations, and opening or closing credits.

  • Engineering and Industry

3D modeling professionals can support the development and production phases by creating 3D models of product parts, which are often used for prototyping before mass production.

  • Marketing and Advertising

3D product models draw attention to your products, setting them apart from comparable items and encouraging customers to choose them over the competition. With the help of Saurus’s 3D product modeling services, you can present your products in the best light and highlight the aspects that differentiate them from the competition.

  • Video Games

Just like the film industry, the video game industry has benefited dramatically from 3D design and 3D modeling technologies in recent years. Thanks to the frequent inclusion of 3D characters, objects, and environments, many more vivid and engaging elements exist in today’s 3D video games.

  • Architecture

3D modeling technology allows architects and interior designers to create scaled versions of their finished projects to show to potential clients. Saurus’s 3D architectural design services give viewers a thorough understanding and wealth of data about the real project.

3D design and 3D modeling are increasingly popular and useful technologies that can significantly benefit your business, no matter the industry. At Saurus, we look forward to providing you with a suitable 3D solution for your large or small projects, whether commercial or creative.

Our team of professionals will complete all projects efficiently and to your satisfaction, no matter how simple or complex. With state-of-the-art resources and years of experience, we can ensure that every project is completed on time and to your satisfaction. So, if you’re convinced of our expertise and experience in this field, call us as soon as you review our impressive 3D design and modeling portfolio! By the way, we’ll give you a small discount if you count them all and tell us the exact number when you call!


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