Photo Editing and Retouching

In the age of digital media, photo editing and retouching have become a must. One of the reasons is that even the best photos don’t always look the same on different digital devices. Moreover, professional photo editing and retouching services (which only Saurus offers!) can improve the coloring and lighting of any photo, or even transform boring photos into completely different and interesting images. Saurus’s photo editing and retouching team consists of creative and resourceful specialists with a whole range of editing skills that can help you turn your photos (even the amateurishly taken ones, if you don’t mind!) into professional-looking images with the best possible lighting, color and composition (well, sometimes the shot is so bad that even Saurus can’t save it, you know?).

Photo Editing and Retouching Services

In today’s digital environment, where almost all photos are taken to be viewed on various digital devices, all businesses that rely on photos to showcase their products or services will need to use professional photo editing and retouching services at some point.

The term “photo retouching” refers to altering and enhancing images with photo editing programs to improve their visual quality and give them a professional look. And while the work is usually done with specialized computer software like Photoshop, it requires the skill of an artist and a lot of time and effort to edit an image so that it looks outstanding and perfect (and that’s why we charge you so much!).

At Saurus, we can fix imperfections and improve any image (even the terrible photos you took with your cell phone camera!) by adjusting colors and brightness, removing blemishes and smoothing skin, or even making a boring image look completely new and exciting.

Our professional photo editing and retouching services are suitable for both commercial and creative projects because we have talented and capable photo editors and retouchers in our team who can handle any type of project. Whether you need your product or portrait photos retouched, your old photos restored, or your social media images enhanced, our photo editing experts will meet or exceed your expectations and surprise (or shock!) you with the results.

Photo Editing and Retouching Services at Saurus

Both amateur photos and professionally taken photos need to be edited or retouched by professionals to make them look as good as they can. That’s why at Saurus, we edit and retouch different types of photos to be used for different purposes, such as printing, online advertising, social media, and so on. Some of our most popular photo editing and retouching services include:

  • Portrait Retouching

Portrait photography isn’t only one of the most common types of photography but also one of the most demanding. With our portrait retouching services, we take care of flaws in makeup and hairstyle and remove blemishes or discoloration of the complexion. We can also apply beautiful makeup, plump up the hair, and remove any stray hair. Plus, we can remove unwanted details and objects like braces or glasses from a portrait photo. And we can even sculpt the face so beautifully that no one will know we’ve touched it up.

  • Product Photo Retouching

Every manufacturer and retailer knows that attracting people’s attention to their products is critical to sales. With our professional product photo retouching services, we can make your standard photos look like a work of art, with accurate colors, no imperfections, and compelling shadows and highlights. Our product photo retouching team uses different techniques like color correction, background removal, adjusting and setting products, and removing dirt and fingerprints. When you work with Saurus’s professionals, you can give your products an edge over the competition and increase sales. Our most popular product photo retouching services include:

  • Apparel Photo Retouching

No matter how elegant and luxurious the clothing you’re selling, you’ll need a professional to retouch the photos so they don’t have unwanted wrinkles or dark or light spots.

  • Footwear Photo Retouching

What if the laces aren’t in the right place during the photo shoot or there is dust on some parts of the shoes? This is where the team at Saurus comes in and fixes everything for your shoe photos.

  • Eyewear Photo Retouching

Here, we look for tiny details like misplaced reflections that distract the viewer from the product and fix them so your glasses shine on the scene.

  • Accessories and Jewelry Photos Retouching

Most accessories contain shiny metals that can create unwanted reflections. On the other hand, gold or silver jewelry can look dull during a photo shoot. Our retouching team can easily solve all these problems for you.

  • Car Photo Retouching

Usually, you can’t take a car to a photo studio. So you have to take the photos and then create a studio or a nice environment to virtually move the car there. And that’s one of our specialties!

  • E-commerce Photo Retouching

The quality and professionalism of e-commerce photos are very important, as your potential customers won’t have a chance to see your products firsthand. That’s why it’s the goal of every online store owner to have professional-looking product photos. Our e-commerce photo retouching services range from correcting lighting and color to removing distracting backgrounds and adjusting contrast.

  • Photo Manipulation

Manipulating and editing photos to improve their appearance is called “photo manipulation.” In order to create a convincing whole, this technique requires several elements to be put together. Our photo manipulation services include conceptualization, adding additional elements, composition, and more – perfect for advertising companies and online retailers.

  • Photo Restoration

When a beloved photo is irreparably damaged by decades of age, it can be very upsetting. With our photo restoration services, we can restore your old photos to their pre-damage condition so they look like they did when they were originally printed. We can also digitize photos for you so you can easily send them online to your loved ones. We breathe new life into your beloved photo albums. Our retouchers will make your pictures shine again by restoring colors, touching up mistakes, and replacing elements that have been lost to the ravages of time and nature’s elements.

You could say that there isn’t a single photo that can’t benefit from professional photo editing and retouching services. A little retouching to improve exposure, contrast, and colors can make any photo look professional. At Saurus, we have a highly talented team of Photoshop-savvy and meticulous photo editors who are eager to edit any type of photo and improve its look. Our experts love working with photographers and businesses to improve the quality of their photos, whether it’s a portrait shot, a product photo, or a photo from a corporate event full of happy attendees!

If you’re a photographer looking to improve your work and your results or a business owner looking to iron out the flaws in your photos, give Saurus a call! But be sure to do it as soon as you finish reading this because there are so many photos that need editing at any given time, and our photo editing and retouching team is in high demand!

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