Commercial Video Production

Commercial videos have been around since the early days of TV broadcasting and are used worldwide as a popular advertising channel and leading marketing tool, not just on TV anymore. Saurus’s professional commercial video production services help companies and brands increase awareness, boost conversion rates and reach a wide audience far away or even around the globe. When you work with Saurus’s commercial video production team, you have the privilege of accessing the skills, experience, and artistry of a highly efficient and truly professional team made up of seasoned and creative art directors, videographers, scriptwriters, editors, visual effects artists, etc., who love what they do and take pride in creating inspiring, remarkable and captivating commercial videos that will change the way the world views your brand (hopefully for the better!).

Commercial Video Production Services

Since the early days of TV, commercial videos have been an integral part of the advertising industry, playing an important role in promoting the products and services of companies large and small. They have since expanded their reach and are shown not only on television but also online.

At Saurus, we can help you at every stage of creating a professional commercial video, from brainstorming to final production. We’ll make sure everything runs smoothly and openly, so you end up with a top-notch commercial video that will have a big impact on your marketing campaigns (hopefully a good one!).

We’re dedicated to creating engaging, high-level commercial videos that will draw attention to your business, have a strong and inspiring CTA, and get shared on social media over and over again (fingers crossed!). Plus, we do our best to exceed your expectations by producing high-quality commercial videos that attract potential customers and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Saurus’s commercial video production team is made up of experts in scriptwriting, filmmaking, visual effects, and marketing, all of whom have years of experience, lots of creativity, and plenty of energy and enthusiasm. They take great joy in their work and want to impact the world’s perception of your business with commercial videos that are both motivational and amazing.

Our creative team is here to brainstorm with you and give you feedback so you can turn your ideas into actionable solutions (or throw them in the trash!). With our commercial video production services, your business can increase brand visibility, boost sales, and communicate with customers in far-flung locations or even across international borders.

What Is a Commercial Video?

Commercial videos are a form of multimedia advertising, usually aired on TV, shown on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, or published on dedicated platforms like Netflix. They can be used to give a sneak peek of your products or services before the customer decides to buy (or to stop them from buying your products altogether if they’re produced by our competitors!). Commercial videos don’t have to include all the details, but they should give your potential customers a taste of what you have to offer.

As a rule of thumb, commercial videos should be no longer than one minute, with 30 seconds being the most effective. After all, 30 seconds is the window of time in which you can get your customers interested in your company and its offerings (or get them to banish your brand forever, depending on the content and quality of your commercial!).

What Should Be Included in a Commercial Video?

At Saurus, we work closely with you to develop an effective commercial video strategy that complements your current advertising efforts. However, if you want to get basic knowledge before you hire Saurus and know what should be included in a commercial video, here’s what you should consider:

  • They should have a compelling story.

The goal of commercial videos isn’t only to inform viewers about what is being sold but also to tell a story and entertain them. Since viewers can identify with characters and situations in stories, it’s important for commercials to have a narrative structure. In most of Saurus’s commercial videos, products, and services are given an identifiable character and a compelling story to win over consumers.

  • They should have a specific, well-thought-out purpose.

When you decide to create or order a commercial video, you should know what exactly the purpose is and what goals you want to achieve with your video. The video’s purpose and intended reception reveal the strategy behind the production and form the basis for any creative decision. The same principle applies to other unofficial videos: Without a clear purpose in mind, you risk wasting valuable resources and time creating videos that serve no one.

  • They should have characters that viewers can identify with.

Commercials are more likely to be remembered and achieve the desired results if they feature believable characters in familiar situations that the target audience can identify with. At Saurus, we do our best to create professional commercial videos with memorable characters that target audiences can identify with.

  • They should have a clear and concise message.

Commercial videos should contain a meaningful message about a company, product, or service and invite viewers to follow that message. If this message is missing or unclear, viewers will immediately forget about the commercial. On the other hand, commercial videos are most successful when they appeal to viewers emotionally and get the message into their hearts and minds.

  • They should have a specific target audience.

As you know or have learned over the years in business (hopefully not the hard way!), the same message doesn’t resonate with everyone the same way. That means before you decide on a script for your commercial video, you need to figure out who your target audience is. If you take some time to get to know your audience, we at Saurus can create commercial videos for you that speak directly to your target audience. If you don’t do this research and determine a target audience for your commercial, you may end up creating a video that appeals to no one (certainly not your customers!).

  • They should include a strong call to action.

Every effective commercial video should end with a powerful “call to action” that asks the target audience to take a specific action. It’s important that this call to action (CTA) is clear, concise, and actionable (and not pushy or annoying!).

At Saurus, we offer a variety of commercial video production services to meet the needs of any business, no matter the size. Every video production begins with a thorough understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish with your commercial and a detailed briefing to ensure we’re familiar with your company’s goals (and to ensure you’re not trying to do anything naughty!). Plus, our marketing department is here to help you get the word out about your new commercial video once it’s ready.

So if you’re thinking about increasing your company’s visibility, expanding your reach, or just entertaining your audience with a professional and amusing commercial video, call Saurus now so we can start working our magic and save your business from extinction ASAP!



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