Dubbing is the best and most common way to increase the reach of video content and make it understandable to a broader audience. Professional dubbing services (provided by none other than Saurus’s voice actors!) help you break language barriers and turn your otherwise native and local video content into globally appreciated content that promotes your business or creative media. Our dubbing team at Saurus is made up of talented and versatile male and female voice actors who give their best on every project they work on, whether it’s a short commercial or a long feature film for a worldwide audience. They love their work and treat all projects with the same sensitivity and care (well, not quite that, but still!), bringing your story and characters to life in the target language.

Dubbing Services

Dubbing is a wonderful and widely used way to expand the audience of audiovisual content and ensure that it’s accessible to a larger number of people. It also helps you communicate with potential customers in their own language, increasing your chances of making a sale (or sending them running for the hills altogether because they’ll understand how terrible your products are!)

At Saurus, we have enough expertise and experience to provide you with professional dubbing services that allow you to share your video or audio content, originally produced in your native language, with a much larger audience around the world. We’re also familiar with different cultures and will first evaluate your script and consider your target audience before adopting your script in the target language. Then we have a selection of talented voice actors who will bring the script to life and make sure it’s understandable to viewers from different backgrounds.

When you choose Saurus’s dubbing services, all your characters will have the perfect voice, thanks to our large pool of professional voice actors and talented and meticulous dubbing directors. We also use the latest dubbing technology, which allows for a more straightforward and faster dubbing process, as well as an adaptation of your scripts that is true to the originals in terms of setting, emotions, tone of voice, and the actual meaning.

Our dubbing team consists of experienced directors, talented male and female voice actors, and accomplished script adaptors who bring their creative enthusiasm to your work and do their best to deliver dubbed content that will appeal to a global audience and increase your reach (or make a mockery of it on social media if you don’t pay us on time).

What Is a Dubbing Service?

Dubbing is the process of re-recording a project’s dialog in another language to appeal to a wider audience and make it easier to understand in countries where the original language isn’t spoken. In other words, it involves removing the original dialog from a video and replacing it with a dubbed version in another language while preserving the SFX and sounds.

At Saurus, the dubbing process begins with our script adaptors reading the script and adapting it for dubbing based on the nature of the project and the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the target audience. Then our dubbing director assigns the right voice actors for each character, and the actual process begins. After the voice recording is complete, our audio editors replace the original dialog with the dubbed dialog and adjust the background music and sound effects to match the original audio.

What Are the Types of Dubbing Services at Saurus?

Each dubbing project has its own needs and requirements, which depend mainly on the nature of the project, the way the characters speak the dialog, and whether or not the speaker can be seen on screen while speaking. At Saurus, we have a very experienced and talented dubbing team that can provide you with all types of dubbing services, including:

  • Voice-over Dubbing

In voice-over dubbing, the audience hears the original speaker for only a few seconds before the volume is turned down, and the dubbed voice can be heard. This technique is used so that the audience can better understand the context and setting of the content. Our voice-over dubbing services are typically used for video content that must reproduce the original speaker’s tone, such as documentaries, interviews, corporate videos, and the like.

  • Lip-sync Dubbing

This type of dubbing ensures that the dialog always appears as if it were spoken in the target language, in sync with the actors’ lip movements. Normally, however, lip-sync dubbing is a challenge for everyone involved because every line of dialog must be spoken with the same lip movements of the actors. This dubbing technique is the most accurate because it faithfully reproduces the timing, syllables, and even lip movements of the original speakers and best conveys the feeling of the content.

  • Time-sync Dubbing

In time-sync dubbing, the voice actor or actress maintains the original speakers’ tempo and beat. Their dialog and voice are perfectly synchronized with the original and begin and end at exactly the same time. Videos dubbed using this technique are more subtle and sound more natural. That’s why our time-sync dubbing services are perfect for dubbing educational material that includes dramatic discussions.

What Are the Benefits of Dubbing Services?

With Saurus’s dubbing services, your content can reach an international audience, even if the original language used isn’t common elsewhere. Dubbing is the best choice for production companies that want to reach a wider audience without losing the emotional value of the content. Video material such as commercials, films, and educational videos can all benefit from the global reach made possible by our dubbing services. If you want to know more about the benefits of dubbing services and why dubbing is so popular, check this out:

  • It paves the way for accurate localization.

At Saurus, we localize your content by translating it into local languages and incorporating cultural references to make your videos more accessible to viewers in other countries.

  • It helps you capture a larger share of new markets.

You can reach a larger audience and get more people to watch your videos if you have them professionally dubbed into other languages (but not all other languages, you know?!).

  • It’s a great tool to break down language barriers.

Dubbing allows you to successfully interact with a variety of audiences by addressing them in their native language (unless you’re addressing the primates who live in the most remote parts of the world and whose language we, unfortunately, don’t speak!).

  • It’s a great way to make a deep connection with the audience.

The audience can develop feelings for the characters in dubbed videos (sorry, not those kinds of feelings!). This emotional connection is made by conveying the content in the audience’s native language. This achieves the goal of the video creator, whose message is received with the intended intensity.

  • It puts an end to the hassle of reading subtitles.

When you use our dubbing services, the viewer’s attention isn’t divided between image and sound while watching the video, and they can focus on the content, unlike videos with subtitles.

As you’ve probably noticed (or as you knew before!), the use of dubbing services is widespread these days as more and more businesses seek to increase their reach to make sales in the global marketplace. If you’re a marketer or content creator and want your video or audio content to be understood and appreciated by more people, dubbing is the way to go. So, if you have video or audio content in your local language and want to have it dubbed by the professionals at Saurus, call us now. We promise to leave your work to our most talented voice actors and save you the hassle of working with our competitors whose voices will make your customers flee and completely forget about you and your business!


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