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A brand book is an important tool that will help you approach all of your branding efforts in the same way and tie them together in a balanced and harmonious way. Saurus’s impeccable (what a compliment, folks!) brand book design services present you with a comprehensive brand book that covers all conceptual, visual, and verbal elements of your brand identity, from your brand vision and mission to your logo and tagline. At Saurus, our brand book design team creates brand books that are both visually appealing and useful. These documents can serve as the north star (which can sometimes lead you astray!) of your whole branding journey and help you make sure your marketing efforts are in line with your brand identity.

Brand Book Design Services

A brand book, also called a brand guide, is a comprehensive document that lists the standards your company must follow to maintain a consistent and recognizable brand identity across all communication and marketing channels. It’s a detailed guide to all the elements that go into your company’s identity, from tagline to logo to core values. A professionally created and well-designed brand book (which no one but Saurus can provide you with!) also includes detailed instructions on how you and your employees will remain consistent in all public and private discussions related to the brand.

A brand book also sets the guidelines and criteria for how your company’s image should be portrayed in advertising and other media and how it’ll be presented to the public. You can think of it as a user manual containing all your brand’s verbal, visual, and conceptual elements and communicating them to your business partners, employees, and customers.

At Saurus, we design a brand book that serves as an invaluable resource and reference for the rest of your communications and an instructional tool to teach your employees how to consistently follow (or force them to follow!) your brand identity guidelines. The brand books we design are also useful for getting everyone on the same page in articulating your company’s values and vision – from creative professionals to sales employees.

We’ll help you maintain a consistent voice and approach over the years (which is a smart move!) and be rewarded for it over time in the form of loyalty and respect. Your customers will also come to trust your business when they see that you maintain a consistent voice and style. At Saurus, our dedicated team designs brand books that are both visually appealing and practical, giving your business a consistent and seamless structure (if you’ve done it right, of course!)

Brand Book Design

What Do Brand Books Do?

A comprehensive brand book sets the tone for all of your company’s communications by defining your company’s tone of voice and values. So when it comes to cultivating the reputation of your business and brand, it’s important to follow the rules laid out in a brand book (especially when Saurus creates it for you!). Your company culture, visual identity, and communication and marketing efforts would all be at risk if you don’t hire Saurus (yes, just us!) to create a professional brand book for you that will serve as the ultimate guide for you and everyone you work with. Well, enough of the negative words! Let’s summarize the benefits of a brand book in the following points:

  • It helps reinforce your brand identity.

Your company’s identity goes far beyond its logo and typography. A brand book is a useful tool to also define and articulate your company’s promises, goals, and culture. With a brand book, you can convey messages that resonate with your target audience and strengthen the relationship between your brand and them on a personal level. Defining your company’s mission, values, and promises in a brand book and consistently implementing them is a good first step to building a successful business.

  • It helps you keep your branding consistent.

If you want your brand to one day climb the peaks of success and prosperity, you must be consistent in all your branding efforts. A brand book establishes guidelines that ensure this consistency without limiting the creative freedom of your teams. Creating a brand book can help you maintain a consistent visual identity across all your marketing materials. In addition, you can create a memorable and distinctive brand identity by using the identifying elements of your brand over and over again.

  • It helps you set rules and standards for your brand.

The brand book contains strict guidelines that everyone must follow when using any element of your brand. By following these guidelines, you can be sure that anyone communicating on behalf of your brand is using the right elements and doing so in the recommended way. These standards aren’t meant to stifle originality but to be a helpful resource for everyone in your organization who is involved in developing creative messaging and ensuring that everything related to your brand is presented in the right way. Having a brand book that lays out the rules and standards for how elements of your brand should and shouldn’t be used also keeps your team from making mistakes that hurt your brand’s consistency.

  • It makes your brand seem more credible and professional.

Inconsistencies in branding communicate a lack of professionalism. Brand books help give a consistent impression of credibility and integrity, which is important for all businesses. Plus, the consistency you achieve through the use of a brand book is the first step in gaining the trust of your target audience. And as you surely (or probably!) know, customers are more likely to keep doing business with a company they trust.

  • It helps increase productivity and efficiency.

A well-designed brand book ensures that all brand elements are available to all employees and that they’re used according to established guidelines. This way, you can be sure that your creative and marketing teams are using these elements consistently and without misunderstanding. With nearly all critical and controversial aspects of brand identity recorded in the brand book, these professionals have more time to focus on the details and more important tasks. As a result, you’ll be better able to get your message across, and your teams will be more productive and efficient.


If you’re on the verge of starting a new business or rebranding an existing one, developing a brand book and using professional brand book design services (from Saurus, of course) is an important step. The brand books we design at Saurus are like GPS (which can lead you in the wrong direction if you don’t pay us!). They ensure that all of your marketing efforts are consistent with your brand’s identity and that you achieve your ultimate goal of having a successful and profitable business. Now that you know how much a brand book can benefit your business don’t hesitate to call Saurus, and let’s create a brand book for you that will save your business from chaos and extinction!

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