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Brand naming isn’t just the art of coming up with catchy names for a company (which Saurus is a master at, of course!). It’s also a science-based technique that involves evaluating how those names resonate with customers and helping them better find and remember your brand. When you hire an agency for their brand naming services, make sure they have a knack for words, know your industry and your target customers, and also know a thing or two about SEO (Saurus knows all of these things, of course!). Our efficient and creative brand naming team knows exactly how to navigate those winding paths to give you brand names you can hold your head high about (or sometimes bite your tongue over!).

Brand Naming Services

Since the name of your business or product is usually the first point of contact between you and a customer, it’s important to think carefully about this choice (and hire Saurus to come up with your brand name!). If you’re a business owner, you know how important a well-known brand name is. But in the business world, having a unique brand name alone isn’t everything. A brand name is only effective when it’s integrated into the visual identity of your business and is consistent with your brand identity.

However, competition in today’s markets makes it difficult for new businesses to come up with memorable and meaningful brand or product names. If you need help coming up with a name for your business in a crowded market, don’t worry because Saurus offers brand naming services that make everything easy (just look at how great the name we chose for our own agency is!). Together with our clients, we use a tried-and-true, multi-step method to develop brand names that aren’t only appropriate but also distinctive, memorable, and exciting.

At Saurus, we don’t believe there is one right way to name a brand. We know that no two businesses are alike, so we begin the naming process with a thorough analysis of your company’s identity and personality. By taking the time to learn about your company’s values and goals, we can find a memorable brand name that emphasizes your strengths over your growing competition.Brand Naming

Brand Naming Services at Saurus

At Saurus, we know full well that choosing a name can make the difference between the success or failure of your business or brand. That’s why we help you name your organization, your business, and all your products and services, offering the following services:

  • Company naming
  • Brand naming
  • Product naming
  • Service naming
  • Campaign naming

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Brand Name?

At Saurus, we believe that a brand name is good not only because it’s memorable and unique. A good brand name is much more than that, and it should meet most of the following characteristics to be considered an ideal or at least a good brand name:

  • It should be unique and distinctive in its industry.

Customers are more likely to remember and return to a brand with an easily recognizable, unique name (and since it’s a brand name, that may be obvious!). But there are still those who believe that changing a letter or adding a silent letter to an established brand name makes it a unique name for a new and unrelated brand that happens to be in the same industry (that’s kind of cheating if you ask us!).

  • It should be short and concise.

While “John, Jim, Jack, and Sons and Wives” is probably unique and definitely distinctive, it’s not a good brand name by any means (it’s a BRAND, not a poem, folks!). And please don’t use a meaningless abbreviation like JJJSW for a family brand! Brand names should be short and concise so they contain as much information as possible in as few letters as possible. Have you ever thought about how your packaging will look if you choose a super long brand name, like the fictional one we mentioned above?

  • Its spelling and pronunciation should be simple.

It’s important that a brand name is easy to pronounce because customers tend to ignore difficult terms. In other words, the easier it’s to pronounce, the faster it’ll find its way into customers’ minds. So, in order for you to stand out from the competition and for your target audience to easily remember you, you need a brand name that will be both easy to spell and pronounce for everyone.

  • It shouldn’t have a negative connotation or be offensive.

Just as you wouldn’t name your brand HIV or AIDS, you should do your homework and thoroughly research the hidden or related meanings of the name you choose for your brand (just imagine what would happen if you named your brand Corona!)

  • It should suggest and indicate the value or special features of the product or service.

There should be some intrinsic connection between the name you choose for your product or brand and its function, purpose, intended mood, or message (please don’t choose SNAIL as the name for your car brand!).

  • It shouldn’t have an expiration date and shouldn’t be limited by language or culture.

Your brand name shouldn’t be chosen according to short-lived fads and trends or be able to be used in only one language or culture unless you’re ready to close up the store when the trend is over or you only want to sell your products at the local weekly bazaar!

  • It should be adaptable and flexible enough to allow for future products.

A brand name shouldn’t be limited to a single product or product line unless you want to be considered and remembered as a one-product company! When choosing a name, keep in mind that you may want to offer other products in the future. The name should then be adaptable so that you can use it for the new products. Otherwise, you’ll have to introduce a sub-brand for each new product line, which will bring many unnoticed and unwanted costs.

  • It should be legally available and protectable.

Choosing a brand name that you can’t be sued with is one of the most important tasks for any entrepreneur. To make sure the brand name isn’t already in use, you need to check it across different trademark databases to see if another company has already trademarked and is using the brand name you want. All your branding efforts could fail (and all your branding expenses could go in the trash!) if you don’t pay attention to who owns what rights to your trademarks.

If you’re looking for professional brand naming services that will give you all the features of a good brand name and more, you’ve come to the right place. At Saurus, we do our best to find appealing and memorable brand names that reflect the essence of your business or product and resonate with your target audience, resulting in more sales and profits (we all want that, right?!). We’ll help you come up with an elegant, funny, or friendly (or even absurd or scary!) name for your business so that you survive the coming ice age and don’t go extinct with the first wave of hard cold!

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