Icon and Symbol Design

Icon design is the art, knowledge, and skill (which Saurus’s icon design team has all three, of course!) of designing small, visually appealing, and informative objects, called icons, that represent your brand’s visual identity in meaningful ways. At Saurus, our experienced and creative icon design team can offer you memorable, one-of-a-kind, and simple icons that will help your customers quickly and easily connect with your brand. Saurus’s icon and symbol design services will help you build your brand identity with clear, smart, and creative icons and symbols that will be incorporated into your software, websites, apps, and other digital products.

Icon and Symbol Design Services

Icons are small, informative, and appealing objects used in various environments, such as websites and software interfaces, that help to convey the developer’s message better and guide users through graphical elements. In today’s business world, where most people learn and remember information visually, icons are a great way to grab your users’ attention. And where words alone fall short or cause confusion, icons can serve as a universal language.

When you use custom icons (the great ones from Saurus, not the cheap icon set you downloaded from the internet!) for your online platform, software, website, or mobile app, you’ll realize their full potential and see how they can improve their performance over time. And if you’re trying to make a large amount of data understandable, an icon (designed by Saurus!) can help get the message across and explain it in a way even a child can understand.

We know that when it comes to creating icons, the most important thing is to consider the users and the context of the icons, and where they belong. That’s why at Saurus, our experienced designers focus first and foremost on the users and then on the context in which the icon first appears.

However, creating an attractive and appealing icon set is only part of the challenge because icons are only useful for your business if they match your brand identity and personality. That’s why at Saurus, we combine our art of design with our knowledge of branding to create original, identifiable, and custom icons for your business that will set you apart from other players in your industry and improve communication with your users and target audience (and make you money, too!).

Icon & Symbol Design

Icon and Symbol Design Services at Saurus

Our experienced and creative graphic designers have all the necessary resources to create compelling and professional icons of any kind, such as

  • App Icons

A well-designed icon can give your app an edge over the competition in established app marketplaces. If you release a new app on these platforms, no one will download it, even if it’s awesome and really helpful, if its icon doesn’t appeal to users. In our opinion, no self-respecting app developer would release an app with an unattractive icon (unless they don’t know Saurus!). If you invest some time (and money, of course!) in working with Saurus, you’ll get a fantastic app icon that conveys your company’s message and makes users want to download your app right away (if the comments aren’t that bad, of course!).

  • App User Interface (UI) Icons

Icons have the potential to create a universally understood visual language that can successfully overcome language barriers. App user interface icons serve as visual shortcuts to describe concepts, represent objects, or prompt users to perform specific actions. When you use the custom icons we design at Saurus in your app UI, you give your app an edge in the market by making it much more memorable and user-friendly.

  • Software Interface Icons

Icons are a useful tool for quickly conveying information, enabling interaction, and highlighting important details. When you’re developing software, you’re spending so much money, so don’t try to skimp on UI! Software UI icons make a big difference in how professional your product looks. Even if your product has the most advanced features, it won’t sell as well if the user interface and icons look like other software on the market (and Saurus doesn’t design them!).

  • Website User Interface Icons

Incorporating icons into a design can make it more visually appealing and direct the user’s focus. Custom Website UI icons are much more effective than words when it comes to conveying information. With the custom web icons we design at Saurus, you can improve both the conveyance of information and the user experience (while taking pride in the fact that we did the work for you!).

What Makes a Great Icon?

Although you can find hundreds of pre-made icon sets on the internet, we at Saurus believe that a custom icon set can play an undeniable role in brand recognition. However, not all icons (except Saurus’s!) are successful in conveying the intended message. In general, all great and effective icons share the following characteristics:

  • They’re simple and minimalistic.

It’s important to keep the details of icons to a minimum because if you add too many elements, an icon can seem complex and overwhelming (and make your users run away or close the app!) The professional designers at Saurus know that they should keep the visual complexity of an icon to a minimum and instead focus on making the icon itself easy to recognize and use.

  • They clearly convey their message.

Icons are primarily used to convey a message quickly and effectively. Therefore, it’s important that users easily understand their meaning. Icons should also be well-thought-out in design and illustration and closely related to the concepts they symbolize. Icons that are easily understood and remembered help make the entire design more memorable.

  • They’re consistent throughout the design.

Icons should have a consistent style and color palette throughout the user interface and harmonize with the rest of the design. Saurus’s professional graphic designers know full well that maintaining this consistency makes UI more understandable because it helps users remember and build on their previous experiences. When designing icon sets, our professional designers at Saurus make sure that all icons have the same look. This ensures that your icons can stand on their own or complement each other in a group and look good either way.

Icons have long been known for their ability to convey information quickly and universally through visual elements. Sometimes it’s difficult to convey more complex ideas in written form, but the professionally illustrated icon sets we design at Saurus make it easy and give your developers plenty of space and options to guide users through your app or software environment.

So if you’re developing a mobile app or computer software, want to give your website a professional look, or even need a fresh and custom icon set for another purpose (who knows what you’re up to!), just give Saurus a call! We promise to create an icon set so professionally designed that it has the potential to steal the spotlight from the functionality and main purpose of your app (even if you don’t want it to!).

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