Design and Printing Supervision

Design and printing are delicate operations that should be done only by professionals and experts (which you’ll find only at Saurus, of course!). However, for large projects, it’s better to use the design and printing supervision services of a reputable, professional, and credible agency (thumbs up, Saurus!) that knows the process inside and out. Our design and printing supervision team at Saurus is made up of experts in both fields who oversee and review the work of our other design and printing professionals, ensuring that both processes produce great, high-quality results. They also work with clients to advise them on the requirements and standards of each project so they get results they can (hopefully!) be proud of.

Design and Printing Supervision Services

Design and printing are both very sensitive processes that should only be carried out by trained experts and certified professionals (like the ones you’ll find here at Saurus!). But sometimes, your projects are so much bigger and more extensive than what a single graphic designer or print specialist can handle on their own. In those cases, you’re probably working with a large team on your design or print project, and each of them is an expert in a particular field. In such cases, you’ll need an agency that specializes in design and printing supervision services and is known for its quality work (say hello to Saurus!).

The design and printing supervisors at Saurus are highly experienced professionals who make sure that the design and printing processes run smoothly and efficiently by overseeing the tasks of the other professionals involved (and sometimes by nagging at them!). They also provide you, the customer, with valuable insight and suggestions about the entire process and how to get the most out of your designs and printed materials.Design & Printing Supervion

What Do Printing Supervisors Do at Saurus?

You may not believe it, but even when you’re working with the best printer, mistakes are (highly!) possible. The transfer of digital files, the printing process itself, the cutting, binding, and even the delivery of printed materials are just a few of the many steps involved in a print job that, if you think carefully (and indulge the cynic in your head!), can all be challenging. Saurus print supervisors ensure that all steps, from setup to finished product, are performed to the highest possible standards and deliver satisfactory results.

Another role of a printing supervisor is to ensure that everyone on the team is working to the highest potential and quality possible. An ideal printing supervisor is very meticulous and has a good eye for mistakes. It’s also important that they’re able to reduce wasted time and improve team morale while maintaining and improving print quality standards.

When you use Saurus’s printing supervision services, you don’t have to worry about how the printer adjusted the design and review each change to see if it has a significant impact on the final version of the printed product. That’s because our print supervisors are there for you, checking every step of the process on your behalf. Plus, printing supervision is often about noticing the little things that an untrained eye can easily miss, and that’s not a job for everyone (not even you, dear customer!).

For any print job where design is important, there should be a standard way to bridge the gap between the designer and printer. We realize that in some cases, the client has to navigate the maze of the design and print process alone because there is no collaboration between the two parties. But when you use Saurus’s printing supervision services, you can be assured that the supervisor will help the designer and printer communicate effectively.

Also, sometimes the printer needs to change the design to fit the print medium and needs your approval to do so, which always bugs you. When you hire our professional printing supervisors to oversee your printing process, we take care of this problem on your behalf.

Finally, you can be sure that the final product, both in terms of design and printing, has been thoroughly checked by professionals with years of experience.

What Do Design Supervisors Do at Saurus?

Our design supervisors are experienced graphic designers who are responsible for evaluating projects, instructing employees, and monitoring output. They also provide guidance on effective visual communication and share their expertise on graphic design elements, methods, tools, and equipment.

Sometimes the scope of your project requires you to work with several designers at once. Each of these designers may also use specialized and unique software. In such cases, the likelihood of problems and inconsistencies in your designs increases. Our design supervisors at Saurus monitor the activities of the other senior and junior designers to avoid such inconsistencies. They guide team members in creating graphic design solutions, set project parameters, and provide visual guidelines for each project for the design team to follow.

Design supervisors typically oversee the entire design process to ensure that final designs are fully tailored to your needs as a business owner and create reports and proposals according to your preferences. They also keep an eye on budgets, deadlines, and the quality of work that comes out of graphic design projects.

If you’re tackling a design project or your design is already done and just needs to be printed, it’s best to hire a design or printing supervisor to oversee the entire process so there’s not even the slightest possibility of your hard-earned money being wasted because of a seemingly insignificant mistake.

And if you’re looking for top-notch design and printing supervision services, look no further because today is your lucky day, and you’ve come to the right place! Just give Saurus a call, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experienced and professional design or printing supervisors (who can save your entire project from the trash and save your business from extinction at the same time!).


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