Typography is another important destination on your branding journey (and Saurus is your host there!), encompassing all visual representations of your verbal brand identity, i.e., your logotype, corporate typeface, font, and the like. The typography team at Saurus is made up of creative artists who know that typography design is an art and use the available technologies and techniques to turn your brand’s verbal communication into a visual asset that shows off your brand’s identity. Our typography services help you shape the form of your written content so that it’s highly recognizable and gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Typography Services

Typography design combines art and science to improve written material’s visual appeal and readability. Since much of your brand material – your website, catalog, etc. – consists of text, typography plays an important role in the world of visual storytelling. Well-designed typography (the works of Saurus, we mean!) not only makes the text more pleasing to the eye but also allows readers to more easily understand what they’re reading. This way, the likelihood that the message you want to convey will resonate with your audience increases significantly.

When it comes to professional typography design, we at Saurus are here for you. We can either help you develop a new typeface that will improve readability or make helpful suggestions for your existing typographic choices that will create a consistent look and tone across all your media (or anything in between!).

With Saurus’s professional typography services, your brand’s visual language becomes more accessible and user-friendly and can positively impact how others perceive your brand and the information you provide. When you invest in our high-quality typography services, you can better communicate your message and inspire your audience (and help us pay our bills!).Typography

The Importance of Typography in Branding

Just as you know the importance of taking the time to choose the right colors, tone of voice, and language style for your brand, the same goes for typography. Just like the other design elements, typography is crucial. It needs to be practical, visually appealing, and meet the needs of your company’s target audience and your goals.

If you’re reading this, you know (probably!) that fonts are more than just a medium for conveying meaning in written text. They carry tremendous weight because they embody and symbolize the spirit of a company and thus influence the perception of others. The letters and numbers that make up typography not only convey the meaning of a word but can also have a hidden meaning (good or bad, depending on your typography designer!).

Each font has its own unique character and prepares readers for the information they’ll absorb, giving them a glimpse of the content before they even read the text. However, if you’re not yet convinced of the importance of typography to branding, consider the following:

  • Typography is an essential aspect of your brand that you can’t ignore.

Whenever you use text in your branding – from your logo to your letterhead – you’re making use of typography. Plus, potential customers form their first impressions based on the typography you choose. You may not think about it much, but typography plays a much more important role in building brand awareness than you might think, and that’s why it should be considered at every stage of the branding process.

  • Typography helps express the personality of your brand.

Different fonts can be used to convey different messages about your brand. So, the font you choose has a huge impact on how your brand’s values and personality are perceived by customers. There is a wide variety of fonts to choose from, as each of them conveys a certain feeling or impression. So, the font you choose for your brand can convey a variety of meanings. Saurus’s professional typography services will help you choose the most appropriate fonts and typographic style or even design one for you to fit your brand identity.

  • Typography gives you the opportunity to show your professionalism.

By using the various elements of typography, such as fonts, colors, white space, and hierarchy, in an appropriate way, you show your target audience that you don’t take any aspect of your brand’s visual identity lightly. That way, from the very first word they read on your website or street poster, your target audience knows they’re dealing with a professional brand that takes every aspect of its branding into account, including the often-ignored typography.

  • Typography helps improve the user experience.

Like every other element of your brand’s visual identity, typography plays an important role in creating a good or bad user experience. Inappropriate font styles, fonts that are too small or too large, or too little white space between characters can cause users to bounce and have a poor user experience. On the other hand, if your audience finds a professional typographic style on your website or other marketing materials, they’ll have a memorable user experience that can increase conversion rates and customer retention.

  • Typography is an essential aspect of any form of written communication.

The fonts you choose will affect the overall look and message of your brand, and the qualities they bring to the table are what set you apart from others. By carefully choosing the right font (with the help of Saurus, of course!), you can draw the reader’s attention to the message you want to convey and make sure it sticks in their mind.

  • Typography can help enhance and strengthen brand recognition.

Every brand has a unique personality, and one of the most memorable aspects of a brand is its typography. An easily identifiable font leaves a lasting impression on your audience. That’s why most customers can identify a brand by its logo or text alone. And that’s where Saurus comes in: We help you choose and use a professionally designed typographic style that will help your brand be remembered and recognized.

Although typography refers to the visual representation of text, the letters and numbers used in typography have a deeper meaning. Choosing the right font can help you set a tone and establish your brand’s identity from the beginning and throughout its development. That’s why you should also think about typography when designing your brand identity so that you choose a style that better reflects who you are. The experts at Saurus have years of experience designing distinctive typographic styles that appeal to your target audience. And if you need a custom font, they’ll create a unique, legible, and memorable font for you that can be used in a variety of media and convey your brand identity ( just hurry before we run out of good font ideas!).

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