Commercial Signage Design

Signage is a very important element of your business, whether you run a small store or a large corporation because your signage is the first thing your customers come into contact with, and it represents your identity to the outside world. At Saurus, our commercial signage team knows full well that signage design is a blend of art, sociology, and customer psychology that shapes the public image of your business. With the commercial signage design services we offer at Saurus, you get great, elegant, and inviting signs that meet your brand guidelines both visually and verbally. The signs we design at Saurus are both creative and architectural works of art that will attract your ideal customers (even if it’s just for a free snack and coffee!).

Commercial Signage Design Services

Commercial signage is visual representations that inform the public of a company’s location and make a memorable first impression on the public, whether spectators, onlookers, or even passersby. They serve as a symbol for your business and are an indispensable part of your brand’s visual identity, especially if you have a physical presence. Well-designed business signs (from Saurus, of course!) can leave an immediate and memorable impression on anyone who sees them. Commercial signs are one of the best options if you’re looking for ways to get the word out about your business.

In many cases, a customer’s impression of a business or brand is simply formed by the signage. They’re often the first thing people see of your business, and they exude reliability and professionalism. That’s why you must invest enough time (and money, of course!) in their design and hire professionals to do the job (Saurus professionals, that’s what we mean!).

The goal of signage is to attract new customers by making them aware of the existence of your business. Your chances of achieving this goal increase dramatically if your signage reaches the right audience with an appropriate message. The visual message of the signage helps create a subtle yet effective impression on viewers that will make them want to visit your business and hopefully turn them into customers.

At Saurus, our designers are seasoned professionals who use cutting-edge tools and techniques, as well as high-quality, eye-catching imagery, to create designs with maximum impact. When it comes to grabbing the attention of your target audience and presenting the idea clearly, you can rely on the innovative talents of our graphic designers to assist you throughout the design process.

Throughout the process, Saurus’s innovative designers create a variety of renderings that show where the signage will be placed, how it’ll be attached, what it’ll be made of, how it’ll be lit, and what materials will be used. The stunning signage that comes from this advanced and ever-evolving approach will increase your brand’s visibility and recognition in the marketplace and lead to far more sales and revenue than you can even imagine!Commercial Signage

What Makes Good Business Signage?

Increasing your brand’s visibility is difficult in today’s crowded world. Business signage is very useful in this regard for your business, no matter how big or small it is or how long it has been around. The business signs we design at Saurus quickly and powerfully express the essence of your business, highlighting the benefits of a customer doing business with you. However, if you want to get the most out of your signage, you should know more about what makes good business signage and consider the following tips:

  • It should be simple and easy to read.

The success or failure of your sign directly depends on how well it’s designed. Signs should be easy to read. Therefore, if you want to get your point across quickly, use as few words as possible. Remember that drivers of all demographics spend a lot of time staring at the road through their car windows. Therefore, it’s important that they can see and understand your sign clearly. If you overcrowd the signage with too much text, it’ll become unintelligible and illegible to those who see it from the car or as they drive by.

  • It should attract the attention of the viewer.

Signage must have an attention-grabbing quality so that people will want to read it. A powerful, eye-catching image or brand logo is ideal for the first thing people see, but a large block of text can also work. You may think (incorrectly, of course!) that signs are just there to showcase your company’s name. But the fact is that impulse purchases make up a large portion of all retail sales. Your potential customers look around stores, compare them, and ultimately decide to make a purchase. If the signage fails to draw them into your store, you may lose more money than you’d have spent on successful signage (so don’t be stingy about paying us!).

  • It should be visually outstanding and technically up to date.

The sign you choose should catch people’s attention and convey the right message about your business. Thanks to advances in technology, modern signs have the potential to be more eye-catching, compelling, and affordable than ever before. At Saurus, we keep up with the latest trends in the signage industry and create our designs following them. Of course, when designing signs, we consider your business’s personality and identity and offer designs that best suit you (for example, we won’t design a high-tech sign for you if you’re a family-owned leather tanning business!)

  • It should be well-placed and close to the viewers.

Even the nicest, most professional sign is useless if it’s not placed where it can be easily seen by passing traffic (except for Saurus- designed signs, which are still effective even if you hide them in a box!). You want your signage to be conspicuous enough to be seen at all costs. It’s best to place your signage as close to the road as is legally allowed and won’t pose a hazard to passing cars and people.

Your signage is literally the “handshake” you give your potential customers, and just like a real handshake, your choice of signage reflects what you want others to think about you. Even though your brand’s identity is communicated through many other means and mediums, keep in mind that everyone will also form an opinion about your business based on your signage. At Saurus, our talented designers care as much about the quality of their work as you do about the success of your business. So you can count on them to deliver a professional and creative design that will turn your customers’ first impression of your business into a warm and powerful handshake that leads to high traffic and sales.

At Saurus, we can design your signage from scratch and deliver creative designs that will impress your audience. When you hire us for our top-notch commercial signage design services, we can also add creative flair to your existing signs and make your dreams come true if you just give us an idea. Whether you need to update your current signage or have a new sign designed, call Saurus, and we’ll get to work designing stunning signage for you that’s sure to be the envy of your competitors!

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