Brand Consulting

Brand consulting is the first step on the path to branding and includes everything from defining brand goals and brand profiling to brand positioning and rebranding. So when you’re choosing a digital marketing agency, look out for remarkable brand consulting services (which Saurus offers, of course!) that can give your brand a much-needed edge. Branding isn’t a one-time task and requires time and effort. But if you’re not getting branding advice from a professional team, you’re starting off on the wrong foot. Saurus’s brand consulting team will help you build your unique and easily recognizable brand and get to the top of your industry (we won’t push you off, don’t worry!).

Brand Consulting Services

Brand consulting, or “brand consultancy,” is a form of business consulting that focuses on improving your brand positioning and maintaining the value of your brand. Brand consulting services (of which Saurus offers the best!) are essential to your business, whether you’re thinking about creating a new brand or are well on your way to expanding an established one.

As an entrepreneur or CEO, you’re severely limited in time (and expertise, if you don’t mind!). That’s why it would be best if you hire professional brand consultants (who work only at Saurus, of course!) to do the hard work for you. And by that, we don’t mean at all that you’ll be left out of the decision-making process. On the contrary, our experienced brand consultants know full well that they should only act as tour guides on your branding journey if they want to contribute to the growth and success of your business. They’ll show you the way and do everything in their power to help you overcome the hurdles, but at the end of the day, it’s you and your team who should take that road and embark on the journey to success.

Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting Services at Saurus

As a digital marketing agency, we have tried to cover all the brand consulting services you need to grow your business in our professional brand consulting package. Our team of brand consultants is exceptionally experienced in all aspects of brand consulting, including:

  • Brand Audit Services

A brand audit is like a physical examination of your brand, uncovering and fixing any problems to improve business operations and make more money. Saurus’s professional brand consultants (who are kind of like your brand’s family doctor!) examine how well your brand is doing and make suggestions on how you can improve its health (i.e., its functionality).

  • Brand Profiling Services

Brand profiling means defining, creating, and developing your brand profile (i.e., your brand’s persona) through your brand core values, brand story, brand promise, and the like. Our brand consulting experts will help you with this delicate process so you can communicate your message to your target audience and ultimately reach your ideal customer.

  • Brand Positioning Services

Brand positioning means giving your target customers good and valid reasons to choose your products over other brands. The experienced brand consultants at Saurus can help you figure out what your brand has in common with other brands and what makes it different, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

  • Brand Architecture Services

The brand architecture shows how a brand is structured and how the different brands of a company relate to each other. Our brand consultants create a solid brand architecture that helps you better manage your company’s reputation, future prospects, and the relationships between its parent brands, sub-brands, and individual products or services.

  • Brand Identity Services

Brand identity is the sum of all the elements of your brand and everything you do to present your brand positively in the eyes of your target audience. Our experienced and creative branding experts will help you create a brand identity that ties everything together so you can establish a reputable and easily recognizable brand in the marketplace.

  • Brand Research Services

Brand research is an integral part of brand consulting services and refers to researching your brand, your potential and current customers, and your branding efforts as a whole. Saurus’s brand consultants use a variety of tools and methods to conduct professional brand research and provide you with great ideas and solutions to improve the state of your brand.

  • Brand Management Services

Brand management, as the name suggests, refers to all the efforts you make to improve your brand equity, maintain a positive brand image and increase sales. Our highly qualified consultants provide brand management services to help you create strong brand recognition, good brand connections, and loyal customers.

At Saurus, we understand that a brand needs much more than the above services to stand out and maintain its balance. That’s why we also offer top-notch brand consulting services in other areas, such as brand activation, brand extension, rebranding, brand refresh, and brand relaunch.

What Are the Advantages of Brand Consulting Services at Saurus?

At Saurus, our brand consultants take pride in what they do (and so should you!). They give their all to their work and try to differentiate themselves from other consultants in the following ways:

  • Full-service brand consulting
  • Deep understanding of different industries and business sectors
  • Diverse practical experience gained through years of fieldwork
  • Advanced methods and tools for the competitor and brand research
  • Insightful consulting that considers your dreams for your business
  • Brand consulting services in line with all your other branding efforts
  • Deep and comprehensive knowledge of customers, clients, and consumers in various markets
  • Handy and practical solutions for all the challenges you may face on your branding journey

What Do Brand Consultants Do at Saurus?

Our brand consultants offer every consulting service your brand needs, from A to Z. They start their work with a comprehensive brand audit and finish it where you want it (and if you’re smart enough, you don’t want to stop as long as your business is up and running!). We can summarize their work in the following eight steps:

  1. Brand audit, profiling, and positioning
  2. Defining and developing brand goals and visions
  3. Conducting brand research
  4. Selecting products (or services) and developing product (or service) ideas
  5. Defining and deciding on brand identity and brand architecture
  6. Creating guidelines for the ideal customer experience
  7. Developing guidelines for optimized brand management
  8. Monitoring the brand process all along the way

Of course, in all of these steps, our brand consultants will only point the way (and light it!), and you have the final say. So if you need brand consulting services, from brand audit and profiling to rebranding and brand relaunch, you can count on Saurus’s brand consultants (hurry before the extinction begins!).

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